Now, then

God, just what I didn’t want to do was make another blog!  I hate this shit, WTF blogspot….5 years I was with you!  Five YEARS!  Thats longer than my last three relationships!  I thought we would go out together like the old couple on the Notebook, me not remembering shit and you reading it all to me until I got a glimmer.  Or at least like Thelma and Louise….but no!  Blogspot had to bitch up and get bratty and weird and like all my muthafawkin relationships end with that weirdness until I distance myself and move on!

So I am here, floozy I am at this new spot that everyone’s been telling me about and damn I am praying this time, things are ok.  I don’t want any dysfunction outta my blog and I don’t want things to get all weird between us.

So this is my first blog here on *looks at address bar* wordpress, still an awkward silence, but this is the first blog, and this time I am sober so-no radical gettin it on yet.  So I hope anyone at blogspot can find me here, guess I better go post my Dear John letter over there.



ps any wordpress people, i will take any and all advice


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