I was thinking….

To Whom It May Concern
As I watch someone I love on a downward spiral, I wish with all my might I could shake them from their unknown nightmare, but I know the defensiveness of confrontation only too well.  As I sit helpless and pray, I say also a prayer of thanks, for I may have hit bottom but I was able to lift my head and see everyone I hurt. If I hurt anyone reading this, I am truly sorry, thanks.  May my loved one find peace within….like I did.


4 thoughts on “I was thinking….

  1. I hope that person finds peace, too… And I am glad that you are every day working towards yours, because goodness knows it isn’t something that comes easy. *hugs*

  2. i saw my father this summer for the first time after hitting my bottom and going sober in January. He cried when he hugged me, out of sadness for the places i had been and out of relief that i had finally stopped after the decades he and my family spent worrying about me.

    i hope your loved one doesn’t hit bottom too hard and that they soon understand how much better life can be when clear. But you’re right that your own inner peace has to be your priority so that you can light the way for the others.

    Friendship and Peace

  3. It’s hard to feel so helpless. Even more so when the loved one is still falling. The bottom stops everyone. Will be think of you and saying a few extra words every day for you and your loved one.

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