The Nerve of that Amanda Knox

I have to write about her, I have to. I don’t know what she did, or if she did it, in my heart of hearts, I have a feeling that she did because of that evil look in her eye, I could see her psycho-ing out over a dude and hacking a beautiful girl up over jealousy.  Then again it might just be my knee jerk reaction to hate and judge.  But I don’t know if she did it, nor do I care. I think there are more pressing issues here on Earth, in our country, and at the dinner table that need more attention than she is worth. What I had a problem with was the news….and popular opinion. Over being incarcerated. I did my dirt and my time, as is every other federal inmate in there, contrary to popular belief, not everyone locked up is a  crack head, whore, or hardened criminal.  Not to say they aren’t there, because there’s a shitload of them, but some are just your everyday, girl next door, average nerd… me. And when you’re locked up, you are away from everyone and everything and every place that is familiar and loved to you.  Can you imagine that?  Think real hard about that for a minute, being away from it all amongst a thousand other people away from it all, yes that can create some harsh, tense, feelings. Sometimes it does. Most the times it don’t though, because everyone is the same and wants to do their time with little drama as possible.  I had a one eyed room mate named Rita.  Rita was a crazy fucker, always farting, though as she pointed out, they didn’t stink, (she farted so much she said excuse me in her sleep), always accidentally flashing people (even the guards), always laughing, always cooking for her roommates, and she fought like hell for us to.  If anyone tried to give us shit,  Rita was there screaming her head off all up in someone’s face!  She put it best by telling us one time, when every single one of the roommates broke down crying (there was 8 of us all together and we were all homesick) she made us have a group hug and said “We family, we can’t be fighting each other now, because that’s all we got in here.” She was right, of course.  I miss ol’ Rita. So this morning they were counting down to the verdict on  Amanda Knox. They showed her actually “enjoying” a concert for the inmates a local band put on and said “She looks happy, not stressed like in court!”  “She’s even slightly dancing!”  It was like the nerve of that bitch to smile, right? Like I said, I don’t care for her, but I know for a fact inmates do have the nerve to “try” and be happy on the inside, they have to, because the second they stop smiling, they start thinking of their children, the families, their pets, their fave fuzzy blue slippers, their sofa, their back yard, the feel of grass on their bare feet….their moms upside down pineapple cake …… So don’t ever knock an inmate for smiling on the inside, it’s the only way to mask the pain (that never ever goes away) of not being on the outside. Thanks for listening—–Dana


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