Coming Out of The Ignorance

I’m still ignorant about so many things since getting out.

I wasn’t gone that long,but long enough to forget I have manners and wasn’t raised to not say excuse me. I was so used to having to push my way through mules, hookers, and drug dealers, and of course all us white collar people, that I kind of lost my manners along with everyone else in there. See I was locked up with some CRAZY people,yo.. Ladies that cut their hubby’s head off and mailed it to his parents. Women that gave Hep C to hundreds of patients by taking their morphine and injecting it. People that had slaves, drug dealers…..hundreds of drug dealers that got 20 plus years for being “part” of a drug ring. And little ol’ me, who had to learn that being rude is sometimes necessary just to get through your day, otherwise you get walked over. Of course there were other nerds in there like me. But you have to be rude and at the same time still try and have manners. It’s funny, if you sneeze in prison, everyone races to say “bless you” but the same person will knock you out of the way on a move. You can only move from one place to the next on a “move.” Ten minute moves are control for the prison, you have ten minutes every hour to get to where you need to be, if you get caught out of bounds, you go to the hole. The poor crazy people locked up,always going to the hole, just cuz they don’t know any better.

Anyway, I’m also ignorant about TV, which I think is a good thing. To think something that ruled my world before, is so unneeded now. Ignorant about reality shows, forgot my favorite shows, and when I do watch them, its not the same.

And I was ignorant to the state of the world when I got out. I remember the good ol’ days when things were easier, getting jobs, cheap food, EVEN birth control. Planned Parenthood is so cut you need $600 cash in hand just to use them! How is that helping anyone? My son needs an MRI and he got denied by IHS. The doctor said he needs surgery on his knee, it won’t heal.

I truly believe in my heart in each and every Occupation. I believe with every cell in my body that this is a good thing. I believe it should last as long as it needs to, especially when I saw Obama sidestep the question about the Occupation the other day talking about jobs and then Republicans. I believe in the 99% and fuck the 1%! I believe in Occupy Everywhere in THE World.

I just can’t afford to violate for the next three years and go back, otherwise I would be there with the biggest sign in the world that said FUCK THE 1%!


4 thoughts on “Coming Out of The Ignorance

  1. Living in the belly of the beast changes you in fundamental ways. I would say you’re never the same after you grinded through the maws of the machine. I contend that once out, you have to DE-program yourself…

    As for that last bit, you’re here in spirit.

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