The Rabbit on 38th

I was walking to work from the bus stop yesterday and I noticed this little rabbit, just hopping along in this little tiny area of wet lands….by Menards. See this city I live in isn’t really “metro.” As much as they try to be all about being urban, they are more of a glorified suburb. They probably only think they’re urban because they are the largest in the state. But for real, they have more franchises and chains and strip malls than suburb hell. That’s why my blog is “Ain’t Gotta Lie To Kick It.” Because that is what my brother said about this city.

So anyway, this little rabbit was hopping along in front of me in this tiny piece of wetlands, which wasn’t a reserve or on purpose. It was just a ditch that gathered a little rainwater and grew some cattails. And a rabbit apparently lives there.

So I watched it hop through the cattails and went flying into a hole by this little culvert, and I thought “poor rabbit.”
She lives in the city, by Menards, I’m not sure what she eats, how she gets along, I wonder if she would want to be where he is from.

Then I realize, she adapted and it is her own little world. So she lived in a ditch at Menard’s on 38th street, she had everything she would ever need right there in her own little world…and would be alright.

If a rabbit can do it, I can. I’ll be alright in this city like suburb or suburb like city.


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