I’m back

I just wrote a story about a dear friend who passed away a long time ago. i just realized what a pivilege it was to have known her and I got a bit nostalgic. I only hope I did her justice.
I have to say it feels so good to be writing again….even if it gets me over emotional.

I think of all the writing I have laying all over, the story with The Guardian was just such a stroke of luck. It was the reporter that did the story on my rez and family a few years back. He’s the one that contacted me for this but I worked on this one with another reporter.

I must say all this writing is definitely getting to me, I feel back in the mode again. I was a little upset because the paper I used to work for didn’t want me back but if they had, would I now be a contributor for The Guardian?
Probably not.

Proof that everything in life happens for a reason.


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