The Strength of Women

We had a women’s meeting the other day, for Wellbriety.

It went really well and we are going to grow stronger, I can feel it. The reason I can feel it, is because it is so needed. Really there has to be a time when all women need to stop being so evil to each other.

Stop being mean, because that weakens us. Stop hating on each other, stop wanting to cause another woman heart ache, pain, embarrassment, jealousy, all these evil feelings. Why would anyone want anyone else to feel these horrible feelings?

I’m no angel, I have done my dirt, and I have been an evil bitch in my time. I know I have, and I am ashamed of it, but being ashamed of it shows I have a conscience. I realized I can’t be this way in life. I made an effort to change some time back and still it is a work in progress everyday. Everyday I learn more and more about who I am and how to improve myself.

Why try to hope someone is jealous when it is the ugliest feeling in the world?

Why hate?

Why hope to embarrass someone?

Why cause drama when life could be simply peaceful and enjoyable?

I see it among all the young girls, just hating on each other and think “Where have our ways as women gone?”

A long time ago a Lakota woman took care of her own, her people, and lastly, herself. A woman put up the tipi and took it down, packed up when it was time to move. A woman cooked, butchered, tanned hides, dried meat, dug roots and gathered plants for food and medicines, gathered berries, and they sang. Women wrote the old songs and sang them….in celebration, in ceremony, etc. A woman did all this and so much more and never complained because she KNEW her worth. She knew how strong she was. She knew she carried her whole family in her heart and on her shoulders until the day she died.

And you can see this with Lakota grandmas today, always making sure everyone has enough to eat, always wanting the children to eat before her, even if someone makes a Lakota grandma a plate, you can see she won’t eat until she is sure everyone else has one.

Women knew how strong they were, there was no crying around long time ago about being equal to the Lakota women because they knew they were the heart and soul of their families. They knew there was no such thing as “equal to” because they were so much more.

It would be nice to see women learn to appreciate their strength, again. I know I do, I appreciate every day that I am a strong Lakota woman. And the more I learn, the more I feel the strength and appreciation grow. It would be nice to see women realize they don’t “need” a man, but that really, men “need” them.

It would be nice to see women treat each other better, to be an example to younger women.

So they can grow as strong women, too.

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” -Timothy Leary


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