You’ve come a long way, baby.

Remember that ad from Virginia Slims cigarettes back when cigarettes were allowed to advertise? That’s how I am feeling right now.

The meeting last night was awesome. There was beautiful singing and powerful words spoken. Words I know everyone needed to hear. My hunka auntie Joyce, who has the most beautiful voice in the world, brought Moses Brings Plenty and he spoke about being a human being. How we were all humans.
He said “You’re not alcoholics and addicts, you’re humans. Don’t take the labels society gave you, because you are all humans, that is what you came into this world as and that is how you will leave.”
I was so happy for the girls to hear everything he had to say, he gave us a lot to work with at our Women’s Meeting on Monday. As women, we do need to learn to respect each other as sisters and work with each other not against each other.
Of all people, I can’t believe I run the women’s meeting. I have come a long way, I remember a point in time where I despised other women. I got along better with men, talked sports with me. I felt women bitched and had too many issues. I think I got this way from working in the strip bar, as a bartender, and then later in life going to jail and prison.
Of the 3 closest friends I have, 2 are men, one is a woman, she is like a sister to me and I love her with all my heart.
I am more accepting of women today. I feel I have grown into that, because while they may have issues and problems they like to “cry about” or so I used to think. The biggest thing for me to admit is I used to have the same issues and problems in life.
It was just easier for me to sit back, pop a beer, and talk box scores and stats with my best friends than to cry about my problems.
Now I know, I needed to probably cry to someone, rather than in the shower.
I accepted feminism back in 2002 for the beautiful movement it is. (Instead of the scary bra burning I thought it was.) Embracing everything beautiful about femininity, about pink, about power, about strength. Now in 2011, I realize it also means being a good sister to all my sisters. Being the strong woman I know I am for them also.

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One thought on “You’ve come a long way, baby.

  1. Funnily enough, i’m the same way with men. i find them over-simplistic, shallow, and obnoxious whereas women are more interesting, intelligent and subtle… Hopefully i’ll be able to progress along the same lines as you are!

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