What’s supposed to happen….

It’s kind of funny when you say….”none of this was supposed to happen.”

Because none of it was ever supposed to happen, right?

Or did you do everything you dreamed you was gonna do?

Did you go as far as you thought you would go?

Did you accomplish everything you set out and planned and dreamed when you was a little kid, lying in your bed at night and dreaming of growing up? Not realizing even one time that being an adult meant responsibility, light bills, and cooking when you are hungry.

Did every little twist and turn in your life bend and cease exactly the way you wanted it too?
If so, then do you wonder what the element of surprise is?
Do you know how a broken heart feels?
Do you know the sheer power of happiness, so happy that you can’t stop smiling. Happiness of having lost something so great and obtaining it again, like love, freedom, hope….friendship….

Or did everything in your world go according to your plan?

What was supposed to happen in mine didn’t go according to the blueprints I laid out in my daydreams of my 6th grade math class.
But everything that did happen, happened for a reason.

Thank God.


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