My brother where art thou

Today I finally made the first steps in trying to find my brother. The more I read about the NPR investigation and our state, the great racist state of South Dakota to more I get mad. I was 19 when they took him from his mom. I was never contacted and I doubt they looked for any other family. I just want/need to meet him. I want him to know he has family. I have 9 brothers and sisters. I’m the oldest and my heart is big enough for all of them. Wakiya, I know you’re not reading this, I know your name probably isn’t Wakiya anymore but I want you to know you have family. There is even a reason your name was Wakiya. I want you to know we are here, and we love you. You are now 28 years old and I hope to meet you soon.

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2 thoughts on “My brother where art thou

  1. i can totally relate. after being adopted off by CWS with birth parents from two provinces. I was moved to the US. I have yet to find 2 of my older half siblings, and started at 6 years old ( over 40 years ago) writing to agencys and dear abby for help.I eventually found my birthmom and some of my younger half siblings at 40. Do not ever give up your search…i bet he is looking for you too!it’s huge

  2. I don’t even know if he knows about me, but that just made me cry to hear you say that that could be a possibility. Thanks. I pray for him every night along with praying for the rest of my family.

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