Castles Made of Sand

That’s a little bit of what I am feeling like this whole quest is. I hold my breath when I open an email, and realize that no this isn’t the email I was hoping for.

I heard from an ICWA worker the other day that acknowledged them not contacting me back when I was 19 about my brother was wrong. He assured me this is something they don’t do anymore and they would do everything they can to help with the search. So I provided the names of his parents and birth dates. I received an email today saying his records are sealed because he was adopted. All they can do is “try to” forward a letter if I want to write to him or register with some adoption thing online. Which I guess I am going to do both. And hope they don’t “try to” forward the letter but they DO.

And the letter, I have to make it brilliant. I have to let him know we are here and pray that he wants to be a part of our lives. Wow, he has almost a couple dozen nephews and nieces between the four of us, lol.

I know things don’t happen overnight, but damn, I was expecting more. I mean I feel like the state owes me my brother. They owe me, they owe Travis, they owe Kayla, and they owe Shannon. Most of all, they owe Wakiya. He has to know who he is.


3 thoughts on “Castles Made of Sand

  1. I think youre making progress. At least youve made contact with an agency that knows who and where he is. Thats half the battle. Write the letter and see him reading it as you do…this thing will work out for you…and him.
    Keep on trying….

  2. Thanks. I guess it is progress, it just don’t feel like it, plus my lack of trust with any sort of govt. agency-makes me feel like they are either leading me on or saying something to distract me for awhile. So it might just be me, being suspicious.

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