The Bus Diaries II

It is the perfect winter morning! It is beautiful out! There is no sun, it’s pretty grey out. But the grey feels like a blanket that is wrapped around us, letting us keep the heat we generate here. I don’t even have gloves on. I’m at the bus stop listening to Elvis Suspicious Minds. Ok, bus just pulled up, only 3 ladies on the bus. I walked my daughter to school, I wanted to walk her all the way to the class line. But she said she was ok, she could do it by herself. I was a little sad. It is so hard to let them go, even a little thing like that. I think of my two oldest and how independent they are now. I remember the oldest, when he went to pre-K and cried and I peeked in the window later and he was still crying. I wanted to take him home. As a mom, I would walk by them for the rest of their lives, all four of them…if I could. But I know they are individual, beautiful humans that need to grow to their full potential and let their souls shine. They can’t do that with ol’ mom hanging around. So I let her walk herself to her class and I stood back on the playground. Have a good day I hollered, she ran back and hugged me then walked away. I watched her little white stocking cap in line until it disappeared in the building. Then I ran to my bus stop. It is the perfect winter morning. Did I say that already?

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