The Bus Diaries III

Back to work after 3 days off. What an awesome trip. If I learned what I did from just the little bit we did on our new project, I can’t imagine how much more I’m going to learn. Dude, the bus stop was icy, I missed the first bus, some lady tried to convince me it was February 29th today, I kind of didn’t want to state my case as to why it wasn’t February 29th but, well, it IS my birthday. And I didn’t really argue, just let her know, that no it wasn’t leap year today. And some big giant girl who is probably 30 but looks like a ginormous 12 year old wanted me to hold her hand onto the bus because it was slippery out. I guess I kind of missed…the…bus?

So now I am on my way home but on the bus ride this morning this black guy that I think likes me or something, he always sits by me, sometimes he talks to himself, and sometimes he stands by the door. Anyway he reminds of the character in a movie that is magical and you find out way later, when you was the only one nice to him and he grants a wish for you. So, since I didn’t have earbuds today he wanted to talk. His name is Fred and he will be 60 soon. He works at an Italian restaurant as a dishwasher. He has been working there for 6 years and 5 months. Before that he worked at a Perkins for 17 years and 3 months, faithful to the old owners until they sold it. Fred used to lived in San Luis Obispo, Seattle, Chicago but he was born in the Bronx at 155th St. close to where the old Mets Stadium was.
“Oh really? You like baseball?” I asked.
“Oh yeah. I’m a Mets fan and a Yankees fan.”
And that’s when I begin to believe that maybe Fred was magic.

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