The Saga of the Highly Regarded Indian Taco

So we made Indian Tacos for the last holiday for the holiday season of good food, or the first holiday of the year-however you look at it. Super Bowl Sunday.

My aunt said “I don’t know if I will have one. I probably won’t. Seems like we eat them all the time.”

I was thinking “No we don’t, do we?”

So then I really started thinking about it.

We eat and make them for almost every birthday, get together, fund-raiser, and sporting event.

We eat them so much people are starting to think they ARE our traditional food, although they are about as traditional as Filbert’s war pony on Pow Wow Highway.

Relatives gets out of prison-Indian taco, because you know that’s one of the main things they were craving while on the inside.

Birthday party? Indian Taco, whether the birthday is for a 1 year old or a 100 year old.

Need to raise money? An Indian Taco sale on many reservations has more clout than scantily clad cheerleaders holding up a car wash sign. Mean Indian woman with flour on her face and rolling pin, or cheerleader willing to wash your car? Honestly you know what an Indian guy would go for-the winyan with the rolling pin and promise of making him nice, full, and shiny.

So as I was frying the bread, I thought about how I answered my own question.

Are Indian Tacos so over used, over exposed, over done, they are becoming as cliche as a rez dog?

The answer- never.

Because even a bad, cold, Indian Taco with the wrong cheese and chewy bread is after all, still an Indian Taco.

And my aunt did eat a small, modified version of an Indian Taco, just to prove my point.

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11 thoughts on “The Saga of the Highly Regarded Indian Taco

  1. YUM. Okay, now whip me up a gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free version and I am IN. 😀 (You know, in India, they make a similar kind of bread out of chickpea — garbanzo — flour. I could totally eat it if it were made out of that flour!). And hey, you said it: “Because even a bad, cold, Indian Taco with the wrong cheese and chewy bread is after all, still an Indian Taco.” So there you go. I could totally have a rockin’ taco with no meat, cheese or gluten in it!!

  2. lol I was talking about the taco I bought the week before it was chewy bread, lil bit of cold meat, ton of lettuse and onions three tomatoes and 8 pieces of shredded cheese but it was still an indian taco lol

  3. cool story and i read it out loud we all laughed then made….yup indian tacos…with good bread and commod cheese and lotsa beef n beansn tomatoes n black olives a bit o lettuce n sour cream ummmmmmmmmm
    ummmmmmmmmmm GOOOOOOOD

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