Promise to myself-make every day count. Create, write, love.

I have done any freewriting for a long time. Have you ever tried it? Do you know what parkour is? Parkour is free running. Its a beautiful sport of amazing athletes running without stopping, up buildings, over cars. They flow like the right kind of poetry or a bad ass old school jam at a summer bbq. So freewriting is when I write without stopping to over analyze or over think the next sentence. Freewriting helps the soul come clean and gets some junk out of your head. I don’t edit or erase.
So when I decided to freewrite tonight I thought I would throw down a thought that has been on the edge of my brain and bothering me lately.
My memory.
I have an excellent memory, anyone can tell you. I remember everything, which some people take for holding a grudge. Like my bro Tino, when I saw him and gave him a hug I said -Hey last time I saw you, you sucker punched me in the gut.
He said-Wow I don’t remember that but hey sorry.
Lol, I had to explain I wasn’t sour about it I just don’t forget anything.
But there are some things I remember, not completely.
I remember being in this apartment in Minneapolis with my brother trav. We went to see some dude and there was a girl there who just got done with an AIDS march. She marched in memory of someone and had the signs in her kitchen. I don’t know why we were there, if it was a shady deal or what. Lol
I remember walking down the steps of the apartment and thinking the neighborhood looked like the one on Feeling Minnesota. Then we went and jumped in my bros car. Now I don’t remember if it was his CRX or his Caddy.
But this memory bugs me because it is partial.
Granted, it was about 15 years ago.
But it got me to thinking about how every day that goes by without doing something to store in my memory bank, will eventually disappear. Get up, go to work, come home, watch TV will all be non-memories. I facebook and blog a lot. But I want a better inventory for the memory card in my cranial databank.
What if I’m like the chick on The Notebook with no Noah!!
Promise to myself-make every day count. Create, write, love.

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