A Fumble On The Humble

There are many different versions of The Lakota Virtues out there. Many different ones put out by different Lakota people, but they are all similiar and one that is agreed upon is humility.
George Plenty Wolf- Wowahwala – “Walk quietly, slowly, humble.”
Or Joseph Marshall’s interpretation: Unsiiciyapi – “To be humble, modest, unpretentious.” (humility)
Either way, being humble is a Lakota way of life. We don’t brag, we don’t put ourselves up there. We may be proud of who we are but we don’t go around saying it.
We live lowest to the ground and help each other out. When we help each other out we don’t seek recognition for it.
I have found the word humble to be the most over used in encounters on and offline lately.
Hearing people say “I’m humble, hear me, I’M HUMBLE!”
“I did this and that and that and this but I am humble about it.”
“Everyone knows who I am because I am humble.”
“I come before you humble…”
“You KNOW I’m humble.”
Its to a point where its like a bragging right to be humble and that right there, is an oxymoron my friends.
You can’t brag about being humble.
Humble is not who you are.
Humble is an act. Humble is performed and practiced without wanting recognition.
To be Lakota, you seek humility, you don’t seek people to know you’re humble.
I like to think that I try to be humble, because as I said I ain’t nobody except what my kids see and love about me and that’s enough.
But then again, I am going to send this blog to my twitter account and link that to my facebook, where’s the humility in that? Right?
Chances are, if you have to say you’re humble….
Just be, don’t say.

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