Tales From The Rez-It all started with cheese.

There was a rez where no one got along.
“WHAT????” -you say. “A rez where no one gets along?”
Sure, no one got along.
Word on the street was it started waaaay back in the day when peanut. butter still came in a can with oil on top.
And it started over a box of cheese.

This box of cheese was borrowed between the wives of two identical twin brothers, one was Dog (nickname from high school), a District Rep, the other was Buck, a program director(whom the cheese belonged to originally, well not originally but he had his ways of getting cheese.) He was gone in Vegas while this happened.

The cheese was used to pay off a square in a pool for the Superbowl to Milton, the rep from another District.

A little confusing, and pure nervy…I know.

So the program director Buck gets back from Vegas and wants the cheese to cook up some Indian tacos for the Super Bowl. And discovers his cheese is gone. His wife, Tedine is scared of getting her butt chewed out buys cheese from the store. Didn’t help. He was furious, “WHERE THE HELL IS MY CHEESE?? YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T USE THIS KIND OF CHEESE ON AN INDIAN TACO!! IT DON’T TASTE THE SAME!!!”

She claimed not to know and left to find another box of cheese. Bum trip, on her way back she saw the cops at her house. He was filing a police report for the missing cheese!

When the cops left, Tedine confessed. Buck left with his hair all over, two different cowboy boots on, and nostrils flared.

After the fist fight and the realization that there was no cheese. Buck goes to Milton’s the cheese is long gone, spread on Indian tacos galore. His stomach rumbles as Milton tells him with a greasy face that he didn’t have his cheese but he won the 1st quarter. So he gives the money to Buck instead of Dog.

Buck walks away a defeated man, no cheese, but $250 richer. As he pulls out, Dog is pulling in to to get his $250 to take his wife Darla out to the sobriety dance.

And it went on.

And on and on it went, the feuding, no cheese or $250 ever paid back. Programs didn’t get funded in time, employees never made permanent, the same tribal council never elected twice.

All over a box of cheese.

At least Vegas was always there, for conferences and stuff.


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