Aries Birthday

My cousin had a baby boy today.  He was born six weeks early and has a head full of black hair like every Indian baby except my daughter (whom was born with mere fuzz.)  My cousin had been looking forward to this day for her whole pregnancy and with each day and each facebook post about her baby and her pregnancy, I knew she was going to be the best mother ever.

She named him Aries Jude. 

And he lived for 2 hours before returning home to the ancestors in the spirit world.

She always knew and knew.  The doctors and specialists warned her this would happen.  They had told her long ago when she was just starting to show and her ultra sounds were abnormal that her baby would probably not live.  They advised her to terminate the pregnancy.

She contemplated and prayed on it and decided to carry her baby.  She was determined to prove them wrong and I believed in her.  I believed hope conquers all.  We all prayed as hard as we could and probably not even close to half as hard as her.

When they realized he was going to pass away, they took him off the breathing apparatus and out of the clear incubator they keep preemies in and let him spend his little life with his mama.  I wasn’t there but my mom said he opened his eyes and looked at her and held her thumb as if letting her know it was ok. 

And in the pictures my mom sent me she watched him with the kind of love in her eyes that only a mother can possess.  She watched every breath he took and watched as he did indeed prove the doctors wrong and he lived for longer than an hour.

Then he left her a mother who suffered the greatest loss a mother could, but also made her the bravest woman I know.  And I was right…she was the best mother ever for carrying him here to teach us all a lesson.

There is nothing as strong as a mothers love.

Rest in paradise Aries Jude.  Tell Grandma hi.

In my cousin’s own words because I want everyone out there to hear her. “everyone out there with a kid(s).. appreciate them & cherish every breath & smile with every crabby & funny faces they make.. cause youll never know when god decides to take them home ♥”


4 thoughts on “Aries Birthday

  1. I often think just about every soul there every was is coming here, to be on Earth right now to encourage the whole family of humanity to evolve. In that light; I do my best to keep the hopeful side shinny… not to give in to the cynicism and lost heart of so much living tragedy playing out around us. I count my blessings.

    I am not a mom. I am an aunt.
    And one of the abiding strengths’ that gives me the heart to carry on through lonesomeness, such awful fear over tomorrow, or the everyday ugly that seems to push through to any of us more and more… is the love my mom built me with. I share it as much as I can.
    I’ll be thinking about little Aries Jude and his mom.
    How their story has brought my mom to me today. Thank you.

  2. So, so sad. But Aries Jude’s mom’s story (and his story) is really inspirational, too. I don’t know that I could have had the strength she had. Maybe. I had a baby that was born too soon, about 1/2 way into a pregnancy. I birthed him and his heart beat for a smidgen of a time in my arms, such a tiny being. I was not expecting to lose him, but did. Any time a mom loses her infant, hopes and dreams die. Not easy stuff.

    My thoughts are with your cousin, with you, and everyone touched by this loss. Tell your cousin thank you for the wise words & send a hug from me.

    Thanks, chica.

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