Life is so crazy.

I haven’t been writing as much because, so far, personally my life is going good. My sons are getting prepared for college and ready to enter that life of student loans with high interest rates and hopefully, live the American dream of having a better life than their parents. My youngest son is busy at the cusp of what I see as a long boxing and wrestling career. And my daughter, as much as I want her to be a girly girl,and as much as she is a drama queen, is inevitably a tomboy. -_-

She wears the knees out of a pair of jeans faster than she can outgrow them, she is proud of her new found belly, and her dolls, the very few she possesses lay wayside, decimated like extras on the TV series, The Walking Dead (which I still don’t admit I watch, but why Shane?)

I was promoted at work with a raise. I have been getting more writing assignments and was asked by another bloggers group to be a contributor. Sadly, with my new work schedule, my energy is at ground zero but I am in the adjustment period. I’m just happy to not be scrubbing toilets, which I was never ashamed of because I will do what I gotta do, but in reality-shit is shit.

Kind of sad I only write when I am fired up about something, but I think it’s just getting used to the new night shift and the new luggage under my eyes. I still have plenty of issues and whatnot I get fired up over and will be posting more.

I’m still me, just a more drained version-energy wise, word wise and physical wise. Also blog wise.


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