The Bus Diaries V

Still getting used to this schedule. I find it is easier to adjust by trying to be a night owl all the time. Even doing so, I still feel as if I am somewhat slightly cheated on time even though I only work 4 days a week. 32 hours a week and a good 3 or 4 times of making an almost 2 hour bus ride. I really do like riding the bus, much as I may bitch about it. It’s peace of mind, as long as I have earbuds. Right now I am listening to Rolling Stones “That’s How Strong My Love Is”. The sun is starting to climb to the top of the sky but that gorgeous sun decided to take his time and shine on our asses today so we can appreciate this beautiful day. My little cousin X called me from prison the other day and got damn if I kept saying the wrong shit to her. As if I could forget what it was like in there. Holy fuck, it feels like I was released last week. I was saying shit like about people we know in common, about her sentence, stuff that could get her thrown in the hole. Stupid. Anyway, according to the computer, she should be getting out in May. She will be 21 this year, she has been in federal prison since she was 18. Fuck, I pray she isn’t “in the system”. I hope she learned. Anyway bus is stalled so I guess I will shut my eyes all the way to downtown.

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