My “Baby”

So I posted on my book’s facebook page the other day that the first chapter of my book was done.

It wasn’t, there were three glitches, which I am going to fix right now and cross my fingers this time it works.

I admit I was a little teeny bit depressed because I was so sure this 5th revision was the shit. But then again, it was only 5 from when we started counting. Then I posed a question to my favorite author, who on is facebook page said his new book just received a thumbs up from his agent and editor but he had to go back and revise. I asked “How many times do you revise? What’s normal?” And he told me there is no normal, as an author you are always revising. Even when he does public readings, he revises out loud and was sure his audience is confused.

I was so stoked, not only to hear what I took as eccentricity on my part, for even reading something already published and revising it in my head, but that he took the tie to answer me. Wally Freakin’ Lamb, my author crush–and yes I am a nerd. How I even became his friend on facebook is awesome. I was on my friend Ned’s page and saw Wally Lamb in the “People You May Know” sidebar as having one mutual friend and it was Ned. I was like “Dude, you and Waly Lamb are friends?” He said “Yes, dumdum, remember I told you he was my high school English teacher?” I said “Oh yeah, I thought it was a lie.” Anyway I sent him an invite, h accepted and shortly after announced he was at his max for friends and apologized. I felt like I snuck in a rock concert without paying as the doors were closing. See, I am such a nerd but he IS a rock star to me.

So anyways, a little bit to you about my baby. Some of you who subscribe to the ol’ blogster here got a sneak peek of the first chapter, pre revision six , because I was editing it on my text app on my phone on the bus and had nowhere to stash it and it accidentally went public. Thanks for the feedback, it was appreciated. Although my editor slash agent (she wants to shop the book around, before and use ePublish as a last option) anyway she would KILL me if she knew it was sent to my subscribes, but hopefully it made you guys want more.

Anyway my baby was born n jail. Pennington County Jail, while I waited for sentencing. There were some chicks who were awaiting the same thing. Feddys. We all sat at the same table everyday and if I wasn’t reading, I was writing. We were only issued ten pieces of paper a day so the girls all helped me out there. Much props to them. It was written with golf pencils which I began to think of as the story tellers. I sometimes stayed up in my cell putting the story tellers to paper so I could see what happened next to the wonderful family in the story. By the way, the main character Sis, is NOT me. Some people talk to me like she is. She is so much braver than I am in many ways. However, she is of course a Yankee fan.

I was a little worried about the amount of drinking in the story because I read somewhere where Sherman Alexie said he was villanized for adding it in his books. So I was thinking of how to write something about it but my mom said no, go with the flow, you owe no one any apologies. You did what you had to, expressed your struggles in your writing, and if people don’t like it-they can close the book. I realized at that moment, that was another point in my life where you get what mothers are here for.

So anyway just an update on the book that the golf pencils, those wiwila story tellers scratched the story of Sis out for me.

Also thanks to Mamester for telling me to take time and shape it and to the girls overseas and my cousin who started the edit process, I love you guys. My baby will be born in due overtime lol.

My baby’s facebook page


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