Unci Maka: Respect and Honor Every Day

I read a little bit on the history of Earth Day at www.earthday.org. It explains how April 22, 1970 marks the birth of the modern day movement known as Earth day. According to the website “Earth Day 1970 capitalized on the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center.”

I think it is a wonderful movement and a wonderful way to get people to take a day out of their busy schedules to remember the Earth.

However, I would like to share my epiphany as I watched the sun rise and shine on the Earth this morning. I thought of all the Grandmothers that I have had all of my life. I thought of how caring they were. I thought of how they would never cease to feed anyone and how they always set examples in how to be a good relative. Giving, providing, and caring all of their lives. It was like it was an innate ability, an instinct even. They had learned it from their grandmothers, and so on.

It is so cool to see one of my friends become a grandparent for the first time, or even my sister, Kayla. At first they are nervous and not sure how they are going to accept the “g-word”. I mean the last time they were called a “G” it had a whole different meaning. And then the takoja (grandchild) is born and that instinct kicks in. The nervous parent becomes the proud, beaming grandparent, showing you pictures, always missing their takoja/s. I ask how it feels and they all describe it the same “It’s a different kind of love, it is so much love that there are no words to explain how much you love your takoja. How you just want to care for them all the time”

Which brings me back to my epiphany this morning. I watched what Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) offered to us on a daily basis on the short 15 minute ride home. I saw the trees blooming to provide us with air to breathe, because that is something we do every minute of every day. I saw the river with it’s energy and power flowing, constantly with the life of water it provides, for we are water. I saw the fresh soil which provides us with so much of our food.

And I thought that this is where that innate ability of being a Grandparent comes from. Unci Maka is our Grandmother Earth and we are her takojas (grandchildren). That instinct to take care of your own is from the Earth itself and we are all born with it. The life she has given so freely generation after generation in her care for all of the people here is insurmountable and sadly so is the treatment by humans to Unci Maka.

The destruction of the Earth is sadly devastating. There is no respect and honor in harvesting this planet for the sake of money. From the strip mining to the drilling for oil, it is elderly abuse in a way. You would never let someone treat your Grandmother that way.

So even if it is only a gum wrapper you want to toss by the wayside, remember your Grandmother and don’t disrespect her. After all that gum wrapper is a start.

Respect Unci Maka everyday, as she provides for us and loves us everyday. Walk on this planet as you would walk around your elders.

A beautiful video I found of our Grandmother Earth.


4 thoughts on “Unci Maka: Respect and Honor Every Day

  1. Thanks Josie, I would like to encourage everyone to share this article as much as they can. Especially, because I see all the disrespect, starting at a young age, people need to treat her with the utmost caring.

  2. Loved this D! but have to admit to all of the lights on grandmother earth in the video really disturbed me… I love her, and feel the need to protect and honor her every day as well, but wonder at how she puts up with us, and for how long she can

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