Because that is what us poor folks do…

First off, I just want to say this is NOT a post about being poor. Well it is kind of, but it is not a post about “poor me” instead it is about hope. I hope.

I don’t have a degree in anything, I am sure any educated person can tell from my rough draft style of writing. Nonetheless, that is not to say that I have nothing to say. I am a single, uneducated, hard working mother of four with heart and soul. I am 40 years old and have not rolled the dice at this point to claim “middle class.”
But I am happy at where I am and have an inner peace about me that money can’t buy. I hit rock bottom and used it as a springboard.

That is not to say I didn’t try to go to college. I did. I was also raising kids and had no support in the city I lived in, so when I was denied daycare I withdrew. Yes, that was a sad day walking away but it happened and is over.

So I don’t have an education, but I read, I listen, I observe, I soak in the ways of the world around me like a sponge. I can Google quicker than anyone, and set one day aside each week to give thanks to Google. (Just kidding)

Seriously, I feel like lately, middle class hipsters think that struggling is a fad. Dude, what makes you think struggling is cool? What, with everyone preparing for doomsday, end of the world, zombie apocalypse, and all that other shit everyone is scared of.
And, not to forget the new one I heard “economic downfall.”

I even forgot to sigh heavily. I was asked to join a group that is saving the world by preparing each other for “disaster and economic downfall.” I was told this group includes people who pump gas and people with PhD’s. Really? I said, Where do they still pump gas?

Regardless though, I was a little offended.

I don’t want to put anyone down and make you feel all messed up for preparing for an economic downfall but man, I can’t help you. I can’t join a group of people with for real credit cards, ridiculous credit cards like you got Toys R Us and Starbucks credit cards, that is proclaiming to be out to “save the world.”

For one, I retired the Wonder Woman UnderRoos back in 4th grade due to holiness and for two, my bitch ass is trying to climb out of my own downfall, why would I fall down there again? On purpose.

Not only that but the ways you prepare for an “economic downfall” and what I call “in between paydays” are not the same thing. Like, I don’t sew my own clothing, nor darn my stinking boys’ socks. I hit up yard sales and thrift stores or WalMart, for the sock and undie thing.

And I also don’t raise my own chickens.
For one, my people didn’t eat yardbird and some still consider it a dirty meal, however I do, so do my kids. Chicken is cheap, but we don’t pluck them, gather their eggs or kill and eat them. However, we have eaten so many versions of this dirty bird that at times I wondered if it was chicken. I can bake chicken one day and turn the leftovers into stir-fry the next day, that is sustainability to me.
I don’t stockpile food because I am a mother of four and really there is no such thing.
I used to garden as a child with my stepdad but a life of renting and mostly living in apartments, mostly HUD approved low income apartments, put the ixnay to any sort garden in my life, and also I don’t have a green thumb. I could find 21 ways to guarantee a houseplant will die a slow death, so I just don’t do plants. Not that I never tried. I jut choose not to torture them anymore

I can’t afford organic foods, that is my reality.

And to top that all off, I was born an raised in one of the poorest places in this country, where the unemployment rate hovers between 75% to 90%. This country screams about 8% while my people don’t scream about 80%. I want to scream at both sides “WAKE UP!”

So see, I can’t help but get offended when a groups of hipsters and yuppies ask me to join a group that “wants to save the world by preparing each other for disaster and economic downfall.” If you really think poverty is trendy, try spending a day on the streets with a homeless person, and see how they are treated. That is reality. Not a bunker full of dried goods and canned soup.

I’m crawling out of an economic downfall that took me longer than expected. I am preparing my children for a better life than I gave them. I don’t want a doomsday attitude even if the Mayans have a good hand.
I want to live each and every day of my life, loving my life, loving the day, loving my family, and hoping tomorrow is better than today.

Because that is what us poor folks do. For real.


17 thoughts on “Because that is what us poor folks do…

  1. I’m being honest. I don’t like when people try to push stuff on me and I did tell him I was going to blog this. I’m not your token poor girl that is out to save the middle class and upper middle class, I have bills to pay. And since you mentioned him by name, Mark is lucky I didn’t copy and paste the whole convo. I don’t like anyone insisting on what I should do. Anyone is free to delete me because honestly I am still pissed about it. I will do what I do, and that’s live.

  2. I can remember the kids and I ate a lot of hotdogs and macaroni and cheese, organic food was way to far off the “food budget” list. I worked for $3.85 an hour plus tips and scraped to make every bill. I did teach my kids that frugal is the way to go and as adults they are not wasteful and appreciate everything they have worked for. I’m with you, being poor and doing without is not a fad for some of us but a way of life. Chin up, I’ll give you my mayan prediction..”good things are coming your way”..Toksa, Rose

    • Mr.j.j.marinoj…Original intent of this comment was to suggest DLH write a book in which the title ends with “For Dummies.” That was before I read your one-sentence comment that had three “you’s” in it. Three youses makes YOU uber-judgmental, arrogant, bully-ish, opportunistic [Ya supposed to show what ya gleaned from another person’s soul-sharing about that boring old thing–being poor, ubie–not poverty–just scarcity of money, from time to time. It’s a low thing YOU have done–to use a venue furnished by someone else for YOUR venting. YOU may not benefit from this scolding, but it wasn’t meant for YOU.

  3. I’m disappointed. A real ‘Mean NDN Woman’ wouldn’t be afraid to face up to a little criticism (& I do mean ‘little’…I cooked in restaurant kitchens for 30+ yrs, a place where the thin-skinned had very low survival rates. Banning me or unfriending me or whatever you did (& deleting my comments) is just a sign that you can’t handle or be bothered with anyone who dares wave a tiny red flag in your face, not even one like me who did so w/ a smile on his face; if I could bring myself to use smiley emoticons or type-out the letters El-Oh-El, we might have avoided all this. The initial comment, “Go easy on my bro Mark!”, was an admittedly failed attempt @ humor, my way of (metaphorically) busting your balls, which you, defensively, jumped all over. I in no way defended anything Mark said about you, and was only taking a friendly pot-shot after he said to me, “Your friend Dana Lone Hill just handed me my ass.”, w/ out going into details. Knowing your prickliness & Mark’s sometimes over-earnest sincerity, I could only imagine!….my second comment, “In my opinion you both need to lighten up….you’re both too damned prickly….you’re being too defensive & he’s being too sensitive…:”, could also probably have benefited from a stoopid-azz smiley-face, but was certainly a little more serious. I would love to have discussed the contents of the blog itself (I’m no stranger to poverty….I been po’ longer than you been alive, Dana! ), but never got the chance, with you (defensively) claiming that I was trying to ‘push stuff on you’ & ‘insisting on what you should do’…..I’d STILL like to discuss it w/ you.

    I hope you ‘stand tall’ & allow this comment to remain…..GO YANKS!

  4. Joel,
    I don’t think you have an right whatsoever to tell me how I should and shouldn’t act as an Indian woman. If you want to wave a red flag in my face (glad you admitted it) then yes I am going to get pissed and when I was referring to insisting and pushing something off on me I was referring to your buddy Mark. I seriously could care less how long you have been poor. This blog post is mine, it is about y feelings and how I deal with poverty. If you want to get offended that I am basically telling the Brothers of The Hand to fuck off then please take offense. As I have taken offense to you telling me how I should and should not re act. Now I didn’t remove any of these comments, I did block you on facebook, because you can’t just drop it. I will believe what I want and someday when the world ends and you are eating all your organic shit and practicing your martial arts for your war against the zombies and I join my ancestors in the spirit world , may you feel justified enough to drop it.

    Now stop

  5. What if it was other broke ass Lakota asking the same question? I think it would make a difference. I don’t know how we leap frog from broke to sustainable, I guess we do it on the cheap. I guess like we do everything, messily, hustling, because it needs to be done. We got this briefest moment before we run out of prep time. The privilege and presumption coming at you is gross and needs to be called out. Wish there was an off switch. But… beyond their privilege and downwardly mobile hipsterism, there is a storm coming.

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