No disrespect to anyone out there defending. Only to the gubment. Fuck the Feds-I said that.

And Realize
With your evil eyes
That your fucked up ways
From way back in the old days
Of trying to take my people’s ways
Of thinking you’re the man
The gov’t with a plan
A plan to take these people’s land
Oppress them
Repress them
Depress them
Make them forget their ways and spirituality
Give them blankets with disease
Lock them up and throw away the keys
Well guess what Mr. Man
You may have to rethink this plan
We are still here to take a stand
To let you know this is our motherfucking land
Where you and yours do your living
But you can have it, we ain’t trippin’
Because a piece of land is just dirt on any given day
We still have our pride, our spirituality, and our ways!
Hoka Hey!

~dlh 2010 Tiopa Maza Poetry

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