Just a Rez Chick Part Deaux

Ok the last post was intended to explain why I am Just a Rez Chick. Instead I went on about a very personal tale of falling out of love and knowing that it was ok. It was a big part of my growth. Sometimes my writing does that, it takes off in a different direction like a bad dog.

And some of you commented, but “you are more than that”, and it made me think that I didn’t or don’t need convincing, haha. I know a little bit about me, I am always on my mind, since you know I am me. however I didn’t write it for anyone to tell me that i am more than a rez chick, this is why…

I love the title Just a Rez chick in no way shape or form is a a let down or put down. The rez is where I am from, is all I love about who I am and the term Just A Rez Chick to me means, that in all I do in this lifetime, everywhere I may go, travel, see, even if they are mountains, valleys, skyscrapers, rivers where you cannot see the other side, Bourbon Street, Antibes-France, or the pyramids of Egypt, deep in my heart and soul I am Just a Rez Chick.

I think everyone is reading into it wrong, it is not a put down. You are all reading it , like Eeyore would……….oh, just a rez chick.

However if you put the emphasis on “Just” a Rez Chick, maybe you will see, I take a certain power in the fact that I am JUST a Rez Chick.

So not trying to get reassurance from anyone, I just want you to know that when I say I am Just A Rez Chick, I am embracing that about me, especially when I leave the rez and am unsure of returning. I still embrace the fact that I swam at East Dam, that I went to Pine ridge High School, that I have a father who loves to cook over the fire outside and tell stories deep into the night, that i have a family who loves to laugh, that we compare people’s frybread to our own, that every graduation from the youngest of children to the college graduates get the honoring song sung for them, that funerals are bigger than weddings because no one wants to say good bye yet shows respect, that memorials are given to say good bye and honor a life, that traditions like arts, crafts, and giveaways are still held, that people share their deer meat with you, that the trade and barter system is very much alive….I could go on and on about my reservation. I could show you how the moons shines on us like a coat of lip balm due to repair and the sun shines on out landscapes as if Van Gogh himself reached out of heaven and painted it.

There is no sky like the sky on my rez, except maybe in heaven.

All the negative aspects of the rez, can be forgotten with one Indian Summer sunset and a handful of chokecherries….to me.

So see, being Just a Rez Chick to me, is everything in my world.

I am no more and no less….

And the fact that I had to write a part two and show you how I am Just a Rez Chick shows the stubbon streak we rez chicks carry beyond the grave…


7 thoughts on “Just a Rez Chick Part Deaux

  1. Perhaps ‘STILL a Rez Chick’, ‘Rez Chick at Heart’, ‘Always a Rez Chick’ more accurately describes your thinking on the subject. Just as I’ll always be a ‘Farm Kid’ in my mind, no matter how far afield I travel, my core being and principles came from the Farms and those who raised me. Whatever you mean, you’re still terrific in my eyes.

  2. You didn’t even hear me lol. That’s ok. and the other ones you mentioned, are ok thanks for the suggestions just not as powerful as JUST to me.

    If you read it says no matter what i do in life I am JUST a rez chick not “at heart” or “Still” or “Always” Those are too romanticized.

    JUST has power, TO ME.
    I don’t know maybe I am the only one feeling this.

    Either way, I am not wrong.

    To me, it is not a put down, I am JUST a rez chick through and through until the end.

  3. I do appreciate your suggestions but I also believe I describe myself just fine.

    def of “Just” -guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness: We hope to be just in our understanding of such difficult situations.


  4. Perhaps I’m just too jaded from overexposure to folks saying things like ‘it’s just a little dent’ etc. I obviously didn’t even consider the other meanings of the word. Looked at that way ‘just’ makes perfect sense and IS stronger.

    In order to lay the blame for my own short-sightedness: “If the World’s slackers hadn’t caused me to become inured to hearing the word in the context of an excuse or put-down, this lapse in vocabulary on my part wouldn’t have occurred. I appreciate your gentle correction and reminder.”

    There, my excuse is allayed. The fault can’t rest on my shoulders as I’m ‘just’ a careless Old Indian;-)

  5. The Eeyore comment has me laughing so much right now! Yes, people are reading too much negativity into your moniker. For so long we’ve been conditioned to think the rez is a horrible place. This conditioning is part of the assimilation attack on all Anishinaabewaki (NDN Country). We, as strong Native people, need to realize the rez is what we were left with as our HOMELANDS, after the Great Theft. We need to nurture our rez communities(and even our urban communities) and begin to view the rez as something so much more and wonderful than the negative image Western Society tries to force us to view our SOVEREIGN lands as. The rez is home. Home should always be where the heart is.

  6. Yes, I used to tell my Native relatives that they had something I would never have, a Home, the Rez, and I sure envied them that, and roots, too.

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