Mitt, what you going to do for me?

I wrote about this arrogant ass before. The fact that he has the arrogance to think the Presidency can be bought as if shopping for a new car. As if he buys his own cars. I bet in his whole life he never bought anything for himself. Think of if, can you see him in line at the grocery store digging in his pockets for change enough to pay for Hamburger Helper to feed his five sons? No. I also can’t see him forking over cash at a restaurant. He is so made of money I bet he never paid cash for anything, his name pays for it all. I wonder even, when the last time his hands touched a nickel. He thinks middle class is $250,000 WTF?

While America clips coupons, scans salespapers and stores leftovers, this dipwad flies in a private jet on the campaign trail touching down for dinners with rich folks and puts those who are struggling down. Cuts us out of his campaign. Brushes us away with a wave of his hand and sweeps us under the rug. “I’m not worried about the 47%.”
Like months ago when he said us poor folks have safety nets. His idea of a safety net and my idea of a safety net differ. While he thinks the poor like to be on welfare and treated like crap, my idea of a safety net is an illusion the government put in place to pat themselves on the back and reassure themselves that they are taking care of their lower class citizens. The safety net in place are a bunch of hoity toity social workers who look down their nose at you and act as if you are picking their very own pockets. Thus, it is easier to work a low wage job. Making poor people worry so much about the struggle, they forget to care that they can make a difference by voting and having their voice heard.

Listen Mitt, there is obviously no room on your campaign for a single mother like me. One of the 47% who has the audacity to actually feel entitled healthcare, housing, and food. I don’t feel I am entitled because I am poor, I feel entitled to that because I am a human being. Maybe I am wrong, somehow I thought that was the American dream, but I guess that is only entitled to the select few who were born with a silver spoon up their butt.

Like Mitt Romney. Who will do nothing for me, or you, or 47% plus. We’re not the ones paying $200,000 a plate, only the ones who can afford to give Romney a billion dollars for the campaign will benefit. And they will put fear into people they feel can’t think for themselves to vote for him with a dirty campaign. They are counting on people not thinking for themselves, like George W did.

I am in the 47% with you and I can’t vote, so I am asking you to vote—just not for that arrogant ass Romney.

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