Some Blessings Don’t Even Have a Disguise

Some blessings don’t have a disguise, people just don’t bother to look.

This picture is my walk to the bus. Of course this isn’t today. Today is overcast, dark, gloomy, Moordor-ish, yet somehow that lovely shade and electricity before a thunderstorm. And I hope the storm stays and gives it to this city, not only because of lack of moisture but because I have always loved storms. I was taught by my dad to not be scared of them. I don’t know why, he was struck by lightening. I just remember passing this onto my children, standing on porches with them watching storm clouds swirl and lightening light up the sky. Look how beautiful, I would say. And we would all stand and watch the wakiyans bless us.
However the day that I took this pic, I looked up from watching the path ahead of me and saw how the sun could make even an ordinary road beautiful. I know cheesy as hell and you didn’t even drink a cup of coffee yet. But to me, the day, starting out for many and ending for me with the sunrise was beautiful. The sun could cast a spell as well as the full moon on any given day, if desired. So I clicked this pic with my phone to remember that sun shine.

I know a person that never sees the sun shine. I think we all know a person like that. A person who is unhappy. Who wants misery in their lives and wants pity from everyone for this misery. Maybe I was like that at one time, hopefully not. This person will tell you and the world every little thing that pisses them off. They emit anger and unhappiness like shit emits stink. Step-kids piss on toilet seats and that wasn’t in the fairy tale, happily ever after package deal. Daughter eats too much. Spouse don’t care. And to make it worse no one at work respects them and everyone is lazy and they are the only one that can do the job and not only that they DO everything.
I stay away from people like this. I don’t need anyone pissing in my Cheerios. I like being content and happy and if you want to throw eggshells in my path, I will smash them and walk away.

Because I can. Because I can walk. On two legs, that are mine and healthy. See, yesterday I posted “Some people just want to be unhappy,even though they have everything.” I wasn’t talking materialistic. I mean that’s a given, we all want a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and a warm spot to sleep. Who doesn’t? Some people are greedy and do want more and more and are never happy. But what I was talking about was people who want to cry around about how hard their life is, who want the whole world to pity them through a pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing, marriage, job, etc have no idea how lucky they really are.
First off, they are not the only person to go through a pregnancy, man or woman. A bunch of us did. But the mere fact that you can have a child is a miracle. And a healthy child that can eat, can pee, even if the aim is off and the fact that you are married, blessed to be in a relationship, you need to be thankful you ain’t throwing your shit on ChristiansMingle dot com or some other silly site, because millions of lonely people do. If the sun is too bright it is because you have eyesight, if your feet hurt, it is because you have two legs that work, if you work so hard that your are breathing heavy, it is because you can breathe without a machine. And because you have a job and are not hitting the bricks filling out job apps.

You have a wonderful life. Because you are alive and you are loved. Quit complaining, because every single thing you complain about, is a blessing in disguise to some one else, Somewhere.

And no, I’m not Pollyanna, just freakin’ grateful.

Have a good day. And breathe.

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