The R Word

I hate talking about the R word. I do. But I do, don’t I? I talk about the R word so much I have been accused of crying wolf by non Natives and been accused of looking for an excuse for my life being the way it is by Natives. I’m not looking for an excuse. I’m happy. I’m ok.

But I do talk about the R word because the shit is real.

Racism is real.

And maybe, just maybe because non Native’s feel like ICWA is racist to them that they can’t adopt our babies without first going through our tribe, it is their way of throwing the R word back in our face, like we throw it in theirs all the time.

But for years and years, for generations and generations, our children have been taken away by this government. Displaced, lost, abused. Taken away because and placed in boarding schools to be taught to not be who they were, Indian. How can they not be who they were to the very essence? How can you not be who your very spirit is?

Then when the children stopped being put in schools they were soon being taken away by the state governments and put in non Indian homes, foster care and adopted out. Totally away from their culture. People’s families being broken up again just like when they were put in boarding schools. Being raised, even to this day to be ashamed of being Indian. Being abused, lost, displaced.

Imagine your child being taken and taught to be ashamed of who they are.
I know many, many people who have family members lost out there.
Like my own brother.

Thank God I found him. He was told many of the lies that is common among our lost children.

“Your family didn’t want you.” seems to be the main one. Shame on the system that let’s our children be taken and shame on anyone who thinks ICWA is a racist program, when it was put in place to protect our children.

You could try to throw the R word in our face because of one incident, on TV, on a talk show.

But for that one incident we have tens of thousands of responses for tens of thousands upon millions of stories to throw back, starting from way back with our ancestors and going up until today.

Don’t start on us with talk of racism. We live it.

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2 thoughts on “The R Word

  1. Racism is real. Only an Ostrich would say it isn’t. Because the head is under the ground. The ass in the air!Education,communication,straight forward~
    Dr. Phil show ,I don’t watch but read an article about the whole incident. Disgustingly ignorant for someone who is supposed to be Helping people “overcome”. Is there a challenge to Dr. Phil? I think that he should stand up and take on the representatives who called him up on the carpet about that show. This feels like another coverup,does it not?
    I can’t apologize for those ignorant people,I wish I could. SHAMEFUL OF A MAN IN HIS POSITION.

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