Yeah about that global warming-BLAME ME.

About that global warming, you can blame me, and Janet Jackson and the makers of Aqua-Net hairspray.  I am sure that in the 80’s, I did my damage to the ozone by trying to achieve Miss Jackson’s do.  In fact, recycling on my rez only means someone is scheming by picking and selling cans or tearing copper out of wires.  It wasn’t until I moved off the reservation that I begin to see the benefits of green.  That is crazy, as much as we honor the land, we don’t spread the word to recycle.  Recycling needs to be more than just bacon grease.

The awareness to save our planet needs to be out there.  If you feel like you are not making a difference, or you can’t, you can just by recycling.  By telling your children. By letting someone know that even a gum wrapper thrown on the land would make a difference if one person didn’t litter, we can always start somewhere.

Global warming is very real.  It is here.  It may be too late, but we have to start somewhere.  Because I am to blame.  And so are you.


I am so stoked to see this documentary put on youtube.  I watched this a few years ago and was fascinated and freaked out.  My favorite part is about the wolves. Not that it scares me like I think the world is going to end.  It shows you the true circle of life and how nature will always work with respect to each other.  (Except humans.) It shows me that nature will always take care of herself.  We as humans need to respect nature, for we are so insignificant to her.  We can be replaced.  But the planet will still be here.  Ask the dinosaurs.

Planet in Peril Part 1


Planet in Peril Part 2



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