Oppress Yourself

So I guess it is time for me to “whine around”, because I feel the need to. Sometimes should just write when I’m happy, then I would be writing everyday. Instead, I write when I get fired up. Because it is a way for me to release some steam. I read something that sparked me up today, which should teach me my lesson to not go online if it is gonna piss me off. But social media is a great way to stay in touch with family from afar and old friends. It is a great way for writers to stay on top of issues that need attention.

Here’s the deal, whether it was meant sarcastically or not the people in the comment section agreed. Something happened in Rapid City, racist capitol of the world towards Indians. I don’t want to mention what it was, yet. But if it proves to be true it is horrible and I wouldn’t put it past Rapid City, Racist City, Rip-off City, it has many nicknames. Beautiful city with horrible attitudes, high cost of living, and low wages. Anyway, the rumors about what happened were making their way around Facebook today, when I saw one post telling “whiney ass Indians” to stfu (shut the f*ck up). They were sick of hearing it, seeing it, they should just know they live in the most racist state ever. They will always be prairie n*ggers in this state. Everyone knows it. Something like that.

I was shocked. First off, what supposedly happened is a rumor, until proven. And second because this wasn’t some racist clown hiding on Craigslist. This was one of our own.

And even if it did happen, nobody is shocked by it because we have all seen it before. Its like the broken window theory. You go in a bad neighborhood for the first time, you notice every broken window. You go back the 20th time, you don’t see them. Well it is true, we all know this is how this state is. And as Indians, whether we are from the rez or live in the city, we see the racism, deal with it so much–there are times we may or may not be shocked by it.

But that doesn’t mean we should accept it. We shouldn’t accept we are prairie n*ggers. We shouldn’t quit whining about it. We shouldn’t give up and bend over to let them keep f*cking us over. This is our land. No matter how much taxes they pay on their homesteads, this land will always continue to cry for us, until we man the f up and step up.

So maybe some people can whine about the weather and be fine with that, but not care about how their own people are treated as if they won’t have descendants themselves, someday. I hope I taught my children better than that. Our people never rolled over like that. They fought to the end.

Even if that means, we find new ways to do it. The white man, the government oppressed us enough. If you like sucking up the racism, and being a prairie n*gger, oppress yourself. Leave everyone else out of it.

Ain’t gotta lie to kick it


4 thoughts on “Oppress Yourself

    • Exactly You have to oppose the Borg Collective!

      You know, I know this is about greater societal issues, socio-political and cultural ones: the bigger picture.

      But I have been oppressing my own self by limited beliefs about myself and low self-esteem, too. Essentially, I have labeled myself a “prairie n*gger” in my own head and believed it, then made decisions because of it. Usually bad ones. This makes me realize I need to own this behavior and no longer believe what is not true. It does not mean I need to turn into a giant a-hole, either, but rather just set about orienting myself to a different view of who I am and working to make decisions with that in mind.

      I’m not going to suck up to that bad belief anymore.

      Thanks, Dana.

      P.S. Like the theme. Much easier for me to read with my old lady glasses. 😀

  1. South Dakota has had a reputation of racism,people in the 70’s,80’s, even into the 90’s up tp now would not be able to admit it. I used to feel like if you think you really know discrimination look into the relationship in South Dakota! I guess comparing it is not the best thing to do but it is true! At least it is the way I saw it,see it and it is shameful!
    It is even more concerning that in and amongst each other is all this hate, and pain. I guess pain is the motivator. I have a hard time with the online stuff,I get pissed off and then realize i am pissed off about something I didn’t need to waste my pissed off~ed~ness on, maybe it is someone else feeling just like me and reacting to it before the whole process is completed.

    I feel bad about myself because I am mentally ill and my baby sister is taking so much responsibility to help me. I feel crazy because I am fortunate to have a family who is helping me deal with life on life’s terms.
    All those things go through my head~a lot of social media is angry people or ecstatically happy people (is everyone Bi Polar?). Yay, I am never alone that way! I don’t like people who are mean,yet i want to be mean to people who I perceive as being mean. It means I am mean too!!!

    Keep writing~I hate to turn on Fb but I miss it too~~~maybe change is what will come after all the confusion settles.

    I still get lost in this~~~does it go to FB~can’t remember my passwords~Keep writing~~we are all racist in some form or another~maybe…………naptime.

  2. Way to Go…. I am a White Woman brought up in the 50/60’s in Canada. My family were immagriants from the UK. What i couldn’t understand as a child why i couldn’t play with ” the Indian Kids”…the excuse was that they are natives and had a bad way ???? I never understood it and never accepted it…I am now back in the UK…but part of me lies in Canada and with my First Nation Friends….One White Woman that is Idle No More xx blessing from the UK.xxx

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