Micunksi Justice

Yesterday I was so tired and I knew I only had about ten minutes for a catnap.  Twenty minutes tops if the baby I watch didn’t show up on time.  It turned out to be ten minutes.  I fell asleep hard, but all mothers or parents know, there really no such thing as sleeping that hard.  You are always on alert, ready to protect that cub.

So right in the middle of my catnap, I felt a tug on the blanket.  I was kind of mad for being woken up, but too tired to care.  I opened one eye and looked.

It was my nine year old daughter pulling the covers to make sure I was covered all the way up.

As tired as I was I wanted to cry, pull her to me, hold her forever.

It wasn’t that she is growing fast.  I have a few years before she is on her own.  I know they will fly by like the first nine did.  Its that my baby girl covered me up to make sure I wasn’t cold.  Took time out of the game she was playing as she lay on the same bed to cover her mom.

I wanted to cry because the bonding we did when she was in my womb was still as strong as the bond we had when she would fall asleep on my chest, sleep with me on the couch, as a toddler sometimes she would sleep on my back.

I remember staring at her in awe when she was just born and she stared back.

There is no bond like that of a mother and daughter.

I know we will have fights, had fights, she tells me once a day how horrible her day was, sometimes because of me.   But she also made sure I was warm for my ten minute cat nap and with that little gesture, I felt what pure and complete love is.


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