What Good Is It Now, Anyways?

I find that question so amazing.  It’s not even a question really, more like a proclamation.

When I wrote in the Guardian about the campaign to rescind the medals of honor, or on other pages, around the facebook world, I see the same proclamation.  “What Good Is It Now?”

Even our own people say it.  “What Good Is It Now?”

I can see their reasoning, why care…it’s in the past….everyone is dead and gone…..etc.

I can see it through ignorant eyes.  I can kick my IQ and inner scope of humanity down a notch, get all uncaring and act as if you threw a ballot in front of me, I would have filled in the circle that said Romney, even though I mean nothing to him.

But I am not stupid.  This campaign is very alive and on the forefront to me.  I don’t want to put a foot in the grave until I see it happen.  Until those medals are taken from the ghosts of soldiers who were probably chased all their human lives by the spirits of the babies and children they chased to death.

As far as I know, I have no direct relatives that were killed at Wounded Knee in 1890, yet they were my relatives.  They are my ancestors.  I listen to my childrens great-grandmother on their dad’s side describe her grandma Alice who ran from the soldiers at about age 13 or 14.  Seeing her little brothers die in front of her eyes as she ran for miles in the snow with a bullet in her leg.  And when their great grandma talks of her grandma and cries, my heart feels.

And I know for anyone to say “What Good Is It Now?” is someone with no feeling.

Do you question the parent whose child was murdered why they are on the constant quest to find and bring the killer to justice?  Do you wonder why cold cases are still opened by a cop with the passion to file them closed?  Do you question the parent always looking for the child who was abducted?

Do you question anything in history that is being sought to make some kind of right about it?

How do I get through to people?  How do I tell them?

These were our ancestors, murdered by the United States, and those soldiers given the Nation’s utmost and highest honors for murdering the women and children.

So what good is it now, anyways?

It would be good to know, this country can respect us enough and let us move forward in healing and letting our ancestors rest in peace by stripping the medals from the mass murderers that they honor to this day.  It would be nice to know this country was moving forward with reparations.  We are not asking for monetary payments, just make it right.  Keep your dirty money.

I am not going to ask you to sign the petition, I am not going to ask you to share it.  Most people are probably tired of my quest, but I do ask you to comprehend why this is important to some of us.  If it was your families killed, your people slaughtered and thrown in a rut in the frozen ground, you would be disgusted if the killers were honored.

You would do what you had to, to make it right.  Right?



4 thoughts on “What Good Is It Now, Anyways?

  1. Shared!” Share” every time this comes available to my FB~I was taught about the omitted history by my Aunt in Minnesota. I was taught that this and the 38 plus two hanging in Mankato was as dishonorable. I was taught about the Sank Creek Massacre. I brought it up in school,in History classes, and was considered contrary(in a negative way:) because I felt it was dishonorable as a past in our country that needed, at the very least,acknowledgement in our history books,and in schools(absolutely). I didn’t understand the magnitude of it’s effect upon a society,being young,and believing in Honor,I never thought it would be pushed aside by so many for so long. I am grateful for the Petition,and for the dialogue, spoken and written, requested,as a matter of decency! Rescind these Medals of Dishonor~and HONOR the Victims.
    I do not know how to say how I feel , but I say it here,and I feel shame for it,I feel shame for my country,for myself for believing the treaties would be honored in more modern times. In more modern times, it became so much more DISHONORABLE~Thanks Dana~Thanks Last Real Indians,Thanks to those who sign the Petition.

  2. I shared it on FB, too. And signed the petition. That phrase alone — “What good is it now, anyways?” is frightening and dangerous in its own way, and can be applied to many other racist and prejudicial circumstances, too.

  3. In my heart, I have already stripped the medals of honor from those who were awarded them in the massacre that took place. And I do so because I know the government will most likely never do it themselves. I know that sounds negative and I’m sorry but with the state of everything now, in this day and age, I think the government feels there are more pressing issues to address, therefore, this would only be placed on the back burner bcuz none of them have the b—-s to do it. And it is sad, but they just dont care. But oh how I would love to see the removal of the awards take place, the acts were despicable, and to receive Medal of Honor for what they did was wrong in every sense of the word. I know it, you know it and anyone who takes the time to learn the details of what happened would more than likely agree too.
    So, as I said, I have stripped the medals of honor from them in my heart and I go on never forgetting what took place and always remembering and honoring those who’s lives were lost. Justice will come one day for those men who murdered, they will face their maker and have to answer for what they did. All i can say to that is, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when that final day comes for them, our Creator knows all & he knows the heart of those murderers too!

    • i have no back burners, life is too short. I don’t care if I convince the wrong people, just enough of the right people. there is no giving up or moving on in my life.

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