Red Struggle

I get upset easy. Many people know that, some people say I try to be
controversial.  I don’t.  I really don’t. Honest to God, I wished I could just not give a damn.  I wished sometimes my life was a routine of waking up, drinking lattes, going to a 9 to 5, coming home and knowing I have a 401k, life, health, dental, vision and a subscription to The Evening Post.

I don’t have that.  Any of it.  Nor do I have the comfort of knowing that the world is ok.  Hunky dory and such.

I see the wrongs of the world.  I don’t search them out, but I see them. You see, the person who serves you a meal, should be able to afford a meal. The person who flips your burger should be able to have a roof over their head.  And corporations who gross the most amount of money,
like McDonalds, should not flip out because they have to provide some
sort of health insurance plan to even their part time workers.  It shouldn’t be that way, EVER! Corporations should not be able to take advantage of their workers because they don’t want to take a chance they might get sick and have to pay for it.

I see how colonization has ruined the world, beautiful cultures and countries poofed out of existence in the name of Manifest Destiny, greed, the Doctrine of Discovery, and the quest to rule the world.

To have it all.

So what I am trying to explain here is while one race of people were crawling the globe like cockroaches and proclaiming discovery of lands that had already been occupied by brown people, nations of Indigenous, Aboriginal people who already had their customs, governments, histories, stories, spirituality, for thousands upon thousands of years. Yet the very same people have to fight every day to prove their history.  To prove to the world, that their history didn’t start with white people.

That is the power of white privilege, you never have to prove anything.

See white privilege goes deeper than not getting a ticket for no insurance, expired tabs, no drivers license, or going 75 in a 55. White privilege is more than a cop laughing and joking with you instead of treating you as if you just robbed a bank or robbed an old lady’s purse.  White privilege is about NOT having to prove your history.  White privilege is about shorter prison sentences.  White privilege is about not having to fight for your rights, basic rights such as religion, voting, etc.  White privilege is about never having to be called illegal alien while others know for a fact their people occupied the very same land without borders for thousands of years.

The way people look at me when I say my people didn’t cross the Bering
Strait is almost funny.  They are shocked beyond belief although the
concept of so many cultures crossing a thin piece of icy land and occupying it all the way to the tip of South America is silly to me. Why do I have to prove to people that my people were always here?  And why can’t I believe that? What the hell is up with that?

In our very own land that we have ALWAYS occupied we have to fight,
struggle, and reclaim our own very basic needs and rights.  We are the only ethnic group who has a set of laws in place to keep our children with our own people because our children are targeted for foster care and years before boarding schools.   Acts of genocide placing our children with other groups of people. We had to fight for the right to practice our own spirituality which we got in 1978. We had to buy our own stolen sacred land back.

We fight for clean drinking water, or even to have water.  We are fighting for the right to honor our very own dead murdered in bloody snow by the government.  We even have to fight against our own people who lost their will to continue our ways.  We have to defend who we are among the Bureau of Indian Affairs who for many years put programs in place to change us and change our children to make them more white.

We have to defend the right to not be made fun of in costume form.  The right to not have our women raped legally.  The right for our women to not be forced into sterilization.  The right to climb, struggle, and crawl our way out of the oppression and poverty the colonized good ol’ red, white, and blue that our very own people fight to defend in wartime, put us in.

And then people think we cry around too much?  They think that we get
everything for free.  Somehow they think that putting us on land that is poor for farming and will always be held in trust by the United States Government is a privilege we should be thanking them for.

See its hard for us, for me to understand why people get so mad thinking we live for free in the same land that they occupy.  Land that was ours. To me this is why the belief of the “Bering Strait Theory” is essential to white people.  Because they want to think that we weren’t always here, that makes the theft of the United States easier to forget.

So while this country keeps carrying the necessity of white privilege, our red struggle will make us stronger. Our way of life will help us when the economy is wasted and the planet is in ruins from the disaster of the quest for oil and other resources greed sucks out of our Grandmother Earth.

While others fight to keep their white privilege, our Red Struggle will continue to fight to save Grandmother Earth and to live very basic.

The Red Struggle is not a bad thing by far, it insures us of our warrior
ways, we will survive in the land we come from.  The power of the Red Struggle will go further than the power of white privilege.  Further than I will live to see.

“I will follow the white man’s trail. I will make him my friend, but I will not bend my back to his burdens. I will be cunning as a coyote. I will ask him to help me understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children, and their children. The Great Spirit has shown me – a day will come when they will outrun the white man in his own shoes.”

-Tasunke Ota,  Oglala Lakota

“There are gonna be two roads.  A muddy road, and a easy road.  The rich kid takes the easy road and the poor kid takes the muddy road.  The kid on the muddy road builds up strength to become a warrior.”

Robert Looks Twice, Oglala Lakota.


15 thoughts on “Red Struggle

  1. I’m the same way. Most people tend to tell me I’m too harsh and judgmental of everyone. I just expect better of everyone, since I know for a fact we rarely begin to start living up to the potential we all have inside of us.

    The Bering Strait Theory is essential not just for American society to forget, but in a legal aspect as well. Legally, Western Society can side-step any accusations of illegality in the treaty dealings of the past, if the Bering Strait Theory is upheld as absolute truth. the reasoning behind this is in fact, “they were not originally from here, they stole the land before we ever did”.

  2. These words are profound. I would like to read it at the Bellevue College Event, where Waziyatawin will be a speaker. Bellevue College actually offers the “White Privilege” workshop. I haven’t’ checked in to see how it’s doing since I took it.

  3. I know white privilege exists, but I’m from Connecticut and they do arrest [white] people for some of the stuff mentioned. There are plenty of other times it helps to be white though. Also I liked the quote from Robert Looks Twice. His story is inspiring.

  4. The power is always with the individual to change their own lives and that of their community. It is easy to blame others and play the victim, but it achieves nothing. What has been done is done. Past is beyond change, but those that walk the muddy harsh road will begin to harvest positive change for themselves and those they care about.

    Scientifically the Bering Strait Theory is sound. In my area of Britain we have human bones going back half a million years. There are no human bones in the Americas older than 15,000 years. Genetics and the archaeology supports the theory of migrations from Siberia into the Americas.

      • If you can provide me with links to any archaeology that shows human bones in the Americas older than 15,000 years, I would be interested to know.

        I am interested in the movement of ancient peoples, including those into the Americas but the genetics and archaeology that I am aware of does not support your belief your people were always in the Americas.

        Your people are in essence hunter gatherers, the whole world is their land, so does it matter if they moved from Siberia or anywhere else? The concept of land ownership is a European idea, it is as I am sure you know an alien idea in Native American worldviews. Your people gained their current lands through conquest over other tribes, and now other peoples have conquered the Lakota lands. Here in Colchester my own ancestors have suffered conquest after conquest by different peoples.

        Sovereignty amongst my Celtic ancestors, who were also based on hunter gatherer ideas, was in the people, not in the land.

        In a more enlightened era land and some independence has been given to Native Americans, but it has not made you happier, healthier or abundant. Your answer is not in the land, something else is missing.

  5. Alex Jones, white people write the books you read and the “theories” about the land bridge. “IF” there was a land bridge, it was a two way street. Just accept that Europeans don’t know everything. And, for your information, I am white, too. Native peoples have oral histories and deep knowledge.

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