Dysfunction, Interrupted

Revelations in my head
Revolutions starting to shed
Words that cannot be left unsaid
We can sleep when we’re dead.

How dare you believe
That we should be assimilated?
Letting them divide and conquer
All of our world that is related?

You want the government to
gage the age that you will die?
Be a nice little stat that makes their
wallets fat as they tell you lie
After lie?

Why let them oppress our nation?
Why let that power depress the next generation?
And let our youth go off the charts with suicide
While their mamas pray and cry?

Do not give in to their attempted genocide.
Don’t let them win and then try to take their side.
They never put us on a reservation
So we would prosper as a nation.

They put us here to die
They put us here so that we would cry
For what they did to our grandparents
While they stole our inheritance.

This land can never be owned, anyway
But the revelations in our heads stay
The revolutions will be said today

We all need to decolonize
From the lies and we need to realize
That this government will never help us
That they have been wanting us
To blow away in the dust

They never wanted us here today
They never thought we would find a way
They never thought we would still be hard core
They never realized we ARE who we have been waiting for.

-©Dana Lone Hill 2013

Writing Challenge for the 31 day in May challenge on Facebook for the On The Warpath Women Poetry page. #EveryDayInMay

Todays challenge is about change. Any kind of change. How you have changed or how you would like to see change. I choose both, at one time all I cared about was myself and putting other people down. No matter what they did. The most freedom I ever felt in my life was to realize I was not always right and that it is ok to support my people. So who ever is out there fighting for what you believe is right, fight on. We all know as Lakota, we have hundreds of fights. The easy way out is putting each other down and keeping each other down. Honest to God, it is not hard to say “Hey, thank you for standing up for what you believe in.” I am very thankful that our ancestors had the sense to get along to fight for the future or we might not even be here. I hope someday, we ALL get that back. Every right we have as humans and Lakota we have to fight for, if you don’t believe in what others do, fight for what you believe in. I can bet you those fighting other fights would support you because they know how it is to make a stand.

I have written. Again Today. #EveryDayInMay

Ain’t gotta lie to kick it


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