My Body

My body encompasses the soul of a woman who came from a woman
A woman with a heart too big
A woman with too much empathy

My body gave life to four humans
Who will carry my DNA
Along with the tilt of my head
And the smile in my eyes

My body has carried me
Through loss and through pain
My body kept my soul company
When the world was shut from me

My body is the protector of the warrior in my spirit
My body is on the front lines
To a world who doesn’t care
For my body

It is time for my old soul
To remember my body
And care back
So my grandchildren
Can wonder which child gave me
This wrinkle or that grey hair.

-dlh 2013

Today’s writing challenge starts with the words “my body.” From the #EveryDayInMay On The Warpath Women Writers Challenge.

Ain’t gotta lie to kick it


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