Letter from The Government

Dear American Indian,

I am the government.  I want you to lay down and just listen.  Don’t fight back, just realize you are now owned.

I am going to take all your land by any means necessary, and call it Manifest Destiny.  If you show any resistance by any means necessary, we will call it a crime and lock you up and throw away the keys.

I am going to realize that I will never defeat you.  You will never die off.  I put small pox on blankets and gave them to you.  I sterilized your women without their knowledge. I handed your children over to Christianity to tear down your future generations.   They cut their hair, beat them for speaking your own language, raped them, and brainwashed them.

Yet, your spirits rose.  You over came all that.

You survived the massacres on sandy creek shores and snowy ravines.  Your DNA exists despite walking trails of tears.  We thought we had you in Montana, but we admit, you kicked our ass.  Custer’s dumb ass.

We tore your very spirit down.  We beat you emotionally.  We abused you physically and sexually.  We, the government waited for you to go quietly away.

We put you on land that wasn’t fit for farming and stole the best fit for our survival and capitalism.  We made mascots and caricatures of you so people would laugh at you as if you were something, an object from the past.  We took your religion away because it wasn’t ours.

And you survived.

We created the Office of Indian Affairs (BIA) from the Dept of War to assimilate you.  We created programs to make you more like us.  Make you want more.  Except there was never more to offer.  We hold your land in trust and we lease it out and take our cut and give you a lease check, for pennies and dollars.  Chump change.  Only Cobell questioned us. We admitted our wrong, offered millions, the lawyers took most of that and now we make it near impossible for half of you to get that,  Does it matter?  The land is in trust, that is why we created this department.

You can live there, but it is in government trust.

We lied about the history of you.  We screwed you over big time.  We took all you had and then took from what little we granted you.

We throw you piddlings.  You fight over that.  We give you poison and you fight over that.  We give you cheese and you take from each other.  We give you grants, barely.  And you are ok for a minute.  We gave you substandard housing, you have lists to live there and 20 a home.

We are done fighting you.

We realize we have no reason to small pox your blankets or give you rations your DNA is not used to, diabetes took over, alcoholism took over, the poverty we forced you to live in took over.

We will attack instead your precious Grandmother Earth and your sacred water.  Because most of you are too busy to notice.  You already settled for what we gave you.

The best thing is, you took over.

As long as you fight each other, hold each other back, and hate each other.

We know we’re ok.  And we have a chance at winning.


The Government



Listening to while writing…..LOVE THIS SONG!


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