We survived

I just had a thought…that I shouldn’t have had because it’s memorial day or whatever reason.  But it was a fleeting thought that made me sick.

But I was thinking back when I had bullies in school, how I feared going to school.  How scary it was, I would dread riding the bus, as we got closer to school, my heart would beat faster…and then if that was so traumatic for me…I thought of all our ancestors who survived boarding schools and the abuse and heartache of knowing you didn’t have bullies, but teachers, priests, nuns, and admins who made your life hell.  Everyday.  I have heard some horror stories from even the 60’s.  It just made me sick.  My horror stories of bullies, although very real to me, are nothing compared to what some of our people went through as children.  And many of these schools still operate, still get tons of money for educating our kids, even though it may be a good thing now….did they ever make amends to our people for what they survived as children?  Did they ever apologize?

Sure we celebrate memorial day and honor our people who still are able to stand up and be proud and fight and die for this country.  We honor our dead who went down as warriors.

And we honor those who survived.

But when you think of it, we survived.  Not to take away from anyone.  Our people have been fighting to keep our way of life for over 500 years and we are still fighting this fight today.

We survived  this country and government called the land of the free.  They killed off so many of us, the numbers are astronomical. If Hitler did what he did to the Jewish in that short amount of time, imagine what this government did to our people in the hundreds of years.

It is nice to see people still fight the fight for freedom in foreign countries.  However, over here, freedom came at the price of the Indigenous of this land.  This soil is covered with blood.

Fight on, people.  Some day we will be as free as the average American and our sacred water and Grandmother Earth will have the same protection as every U.S. citizen.


2 thoughts on “We survived

  1. Strenght to you …your words touched me at the plight of your peoples….There will be Peace in the valley…With people like you and me…Keep On Keeping On !! Love and Respect

  2. I honestly refuse to pay respects to those of post-Columbian colonial government state militaries of the western hemisphere fallen in combat. I instead prefer to remember our ancestors who fought all of those militaries–and still continue to fight those militiaries, governments, policies, and Western Society. I prefer to remember the strength, beauty, and freedom of our ancestors on this day.

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