Dear Wasicu

Dear Wasicu,

Wasicu means to “take the fat.”  The best part, most delicate, and tasteful part of the meat that you citizens cut out today because you think this is the cause of all your health problems while Monsanto rules our government.  I am not writing this letter to attack the white man.  I am not writing this letter in the name of “reverse racism.”  Honestly, I think that if you want to call something “reverse racism” you are then admitting that you, yourself are racist.

Because how can one exist without the other?

Anyways, Wasicu, that is not what I am writing about.

I am writing about many other things I can not be quiet about any longer.

First off;  this is not the cover of a romance novel and you will not see our men glistening unless it is after he eats an Indian taco or put up a tipi.  They do not bend your white women in savage like poses over their knee…at least they better not!  Not if their mama taught them better and you white women need to quit writing romantic novels about this.  I don’t read them, but I have seen many a cover of your fantasies spur an argument in family households.  Just be you, sans the warrior fantasy.

And you white men, us Indian women don’t sit around all day nakey covered in fur with a wolf or bear laying by our side.  We are women!  Do you not know what we do?  We make sure our whole family is ok all through the day, our days our endless and we feed families, organize, socialize, etc.  We work, bring home bacon, cook it, mop floors, etc.

That is only the beginning.

Please do not also bitch about us about all the benefits of our treaty rights as if you took a class that meant something.  First off, no treaty the US government made with Indians was ever upheld, far as I know.  Unless it was to some per cap Indians near a metropolis where the govt. promised, if you build it, they will come.  And hence, per cap in hand, culture being bought.

So do not act like because we live in poverty, you had a hand in that.

Do you really want credit for the way we live?  Like we should be thankful?

Did you send the dirty, pit stained clothing we are supposed to be thankful for?  Did you put us on land we can not farm?  Did you help build the substandard housing, built with the lowest grade of materials for use fifty years ago?  Did you give us the trailers meant for Hurricane Katrina refugees, except they were filled with asbestos, so hey let’s charge the Indians, that are gonna die anyway $3,000 each, and watch these homeless fuckers get on a waiting list to be poisoned again?  Because they need a home?

Because they need a home.

Did you pay for the crappy healthcare that killed my grandma because they don’t have time to see if her cancer came back because they are dealing with other epidemics?

Did you lose your first family member to alcohol when you were four?

Did your grandparents get beaten and their hair shaved off and their heads painted with shoe polish when they were 8 years old because they were speaking their language?

You say our holocaust means nothing?  Because Wikipedia says only 100,000 of us may have died?

You have no idea, takes the fat, how easy you have always had it.

Because I barely scratched the surface of everything that went down for the last 500 years.

Stay tuned.

Because if I keep hearing how you “gave us everything” wasicu, I will tell you exactly how much you really did take,  And I can guarantee, my number will be way lower than the truth.





7 thoughts on “Dear Wasicu

  1. I am a mongrel, but very proud and in- touch with my Oglala and Blackfoot heritage. My grandfather wasScottish as well, but comes from the line of Englishman directly descended from John Gordon, the man they named Gordon, Nebraska after. He married an Oglala princess, daughter of a chief. They had a son, with whom they escaped with to Vermont. They worked at a quarry and lived in a cabin built into a mountain. That princess, who knifed a railroad worker out west for harassing her, was buried in the old Native American burial ground on Ricker Mountain (in Vermont), and until my grandfather died of cancer, he played the drums in a country and western band and they played a chant she passed down.He also carried with him the same head dress carried by his ancestors from that line. His maternal grandparents were full-blood Blackfoot. My father’s great grandmother was Chippewa, (how ironic) and his family stole her off the reservation and took her back her, to Massachusetts. I don’t feel so English, or French, or Italian as I do Native American. I have felt the connection with that heritage since I was very young and became strongly connected in 1997.
    You’re not just a Rez chick. You are intensely strong, for your people have endured and survived, and live the values Creator has always wanted for his children. The Wasicu may call it poverty, but some of it is far from that… It is tribal, it is community, it is truth. And Wasicu are to blame for the misery your people have suffered. I can not change it for you. I can help, but that’s all. I make donations, I send blankets, clothes (only the best). I give as much support as I can on-line. I am also disabled, otherwise I’d be out there, marching, supporting helpful bills in government, going to state houses, etc. The damage the Wasicu has done is cemented into the very threads that make up this nation.
    I send huge apologies to yours and all Native nations, for the atrocities any of my Wasicu ancestors have done. I wish I could make them right, eliminate those atrocious deeds. I send prayers in the name of Creator to you, that you may gain more strength in every way, that your people may heal and grow powerful. Bless you.


  2. Pisses me off when our own people sit there and support these waabishkiiwegiish ideals, too. Saying they don’t want to learn our languages because “Americans don’t speak indian!” or refusing to learn and practice ceremony because our traditions don’t fit in with America’s Christian ideas… GAH! Dana, tell’em!!! Tell it all!

  3. i think you are so wisdomly wise. It came from susie lone hill, you know. Duh. But i wish i had indian in me (actually i may be part Creek from South Carolina). You are awesome.thank you. Hoka.

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