Battle Du Jour

I don’t like taking pictures.  But when I do, I often look mean.  People always ask me what’s wrong.  I just don’t like taking pictures.

Or people think I am trying to look all hard, no I just don’t like taking pictures.

Often times though, you see Indians looking this way even when there is no camera.

Stoic, hostile, defiant…that is the look we pass off with ease but in reality we can crack a joke in a heartbeat.

What it is, however is a long battle with society to realize that we are still here, we are not going away, and we are gonna set shit straight.

Every single day is another battle for us, not only within our own lives to set our own shit straight but with society, the government, within every facet of the life of an American Indian, or whatever you like to be called because even to label us is a battle within itself.

My mom calls it Battle Du Jour.

The other day it was Battle Eagle Feather, what with the young girl graduating and causing a controversy with the private academy she attended by wearing an eagle feather at graduation.  She was denied her diploma and fined a hefty $1000 for wearing the feather.  I stand behind her, even if she broke rules, because if it takes one person to break a rule to show we haven’t conformed completely I applaud her.  We had to adapt to the white man’s way long enough.  Nobody regrets Rosa Parks sitting in front of the bus unless they are complete idiots.

The day after that is was the editorial from the Mitchell, SD paper, which was handled brilliantly by journalist Natalie Stites and she gave them the smack down in her response via Last Real Indians with their racist comments.

Today’s Battle Du Jour seems to be about new age non profits selling our spirituality.

I don’t know whats on the menu for tomorrow’s Battle Du Jour, but I am guessing it has something to do with Dr. Phil.


Don’t ask anymore why Indians looks so mean….other than what our ancestors went through, everyday is another fight.  Another battle.


3 thoughts on “Battle Du Jour

  1. I often imagine that one of the faces of the colonial is the face of struggle. There are innumerable points of attack and degradation. How is one to choose one’s battles? Many years ago a colleague shared with me the secret of her remarkable resilience: happiness ifs the best revenge. The colonial does not like us to be happy, except maybe when we are in altered states. The Creator, I imagine, wants us to feel joy.

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