The BIGGER Picture


Negativity flies faster than arrows.

Grown up opinions, grown up options, grown up assumptions, grown up opinions, grown up solutions, grown up answers.  Both sides clawing at each other.  Both sides tearing spirits down faster than alcohol.  Both sides claiming they are right and the other is wrong.  Both sides with hate in their eyes and pain in their hearts and suffering in their spirits.

Because both sides have suffered pain.  Both sides knew the effect of alcohol.  Both sides had relatives who died.  Both sides watched someone at one time suffer through cirrhosis and both sides have experienced the shock of someone ending their life with one drunken thought of suicide at a young age.  Both sides have had family members taken due to drunk drivers, both sides have said good bye to a newborn due to the effects of drinking while pregnant.  Both sides have learned to be patient with relatives who suffer in this lifetime of the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Suffer with this disability through no fault of their own.  Both sides know what domestic violence is due to alcohol.  Both sides have been told not to care for relatives who drink because then they are labeled “co-dependent” and are guilty as those lost in alcohol.  Both sides have had a family member locked up due to a crime committed under an alcoholic haze.  Both sides know of a family member who was a victim of sexual abuse due to alcohol.  Both sides have family members with illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure that alcohol makes worse and takes days, months, and time off their life.  Both sides have said good bye, threw dirt on a casket, and cried tears, painted RIP’s on car windows, cleaned graves of loved one, and loved someone with all their heart that left this earth before their time due to alcohol.  Both sides have broken families due to alcohol.  Both sides have had empty bellies due to alcohol.

Both sides want what they think is best.

One side wants no more.  Wants it out. Wants the old ways back.

The other side wants money and treatment centers and to feel at ease while they also drink.  To have no fear of going to jail for snapping a can of suds.

One side is tired of seeing relatives die, of people getting rich while laughing at their relatives stagger and fall down in the streets.

The other side wants change towards becoming like every other town and reservation in South Dakota.  Why be left behind when NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE.

The the other side believes in change, they will put freedom and life on line for it.  They believe that with their whole heart.

The other side thinks they are fighting a losing battle and laugh at them.

The children, however are in the middle.  The children want to live.  The children are tired of the struggle, of people dying, of being victims to perverted drunks and broken homes.  They are tired of stuff still happening to them that they will cry about the rest of their lives.  They are tired of being hungry and wearing rummage clothes.  They are tired of being sick all the time.  They are tired of adults fighting and hating each other.  They are tired of being invisible and tired of nobody asking them how they feel.  Tired of the women in their lives getting beaten by the men in their lives.  They are tired of being called wakanyeja, sacred gift from God, when no one cares how they feel, or what they think.  They are tired of relatives disappearing at a young age, whether by death, foster homes, or getting locked up.  The children are tired of being statistics. They are tired of hearing what this argument is about when it should be about them!

And the children fear….

they fear becoming what their once proud nation has become.

This song is what I think alcohol would say.


6 thoughts on “The BIGGER Picture

  1. makes me so sad! but it’s the cold, hard reality. We need to contribute to our own health, our children’s future in a good way! Remember the saying, it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

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