The Right To Be a Teen-ager and a Son.


I can not be an expert on the trial.  I choose not to watch it as I do with most trials.

At the time Trayvon was killed, my son was 17 also.  And this is my son who is a smart ass, who challenges my every belief and stance just to get on my nerves, even when his fight is the same as mine.  He challenges me, I think, to get my opinion to make sure he is not alone.  At least that is what I tell myself.  However, he is that pest of a kid that likes to joke, play, and down right get on your nerves because that is the sole/soul reason he was born.  God gave him to me to say, hey, I have to keep you on your toes, woman!  And on my toes I was from his birth when he choose to prove the doctors wrong and not show up as predicted.  He is 19 now, the same age Trayvon would have been.  He still likes his skittles and I still think of him as my baby.  One of my babies.  Even if he thought he was grown for the past ten years, he is my baby.

There is so much to say and I have a big mouth.  If you live in this country and say this isn’t about race then tell me that the result would have been the same if Trayvon was blond haired and blue eyed.  We all need to get better, learn to live with each other, by any means necessary.  I am a mother and a daughter.  I am from women who are hearts of our nations and I am building nations.  I want to hope someday race won’t be an issue, but how many years later and IT STILL IS.  This case wasn’t about race, it was only about race.  I don’t care what you say the killer’s race was, look at him and the 17 year old victim and tell me which one you could clearly tell what their background was?  And which one disobeyed the 911 operator, took law into his own hands and stalked a little boy because he was tired of “them people.”   He was tired  of “these f-ing punks” and said “they always get away.”  He pulled out the minority card when he realized he killed someone’s juvenile son.

If Trayvon was blond and blue eyed would he be dead?  Would his life as a teen age boy be scrutinized?

I am not praying for peace, because before peace there needs to be an awakening. Wake up! This is wrong! I am the mother of three sons and one daughter and I know this is wrong.  riot, do what need to be done to show the world WE WANT PEACE!

Beyond feeling sorry and angry at anyone who says this isn’t about race or is tired of this trial and chooses to not say anything at all, most of all I feel sorry for Trayvon’s parents. Because I am a parent too.

“But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand”  – Mumford & Sons ~~~Timshel

Hold your hand”


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