Hunger Pains/ Hunger Games

I don’t know where to start about this.  I write about how it is to be poor often because I am and I have been but at the moment I am not so poor that I don’t have a roof over my head.  My family ate tonight.  My son bought dinner.  We basically hustle for our next meal most of the times and have been blessed so far.  I have no reason to cry around about it, but I do worry about it.  But that is why my mom said we are lucky we have our art to fall back on.  We never have to pawn anything.  Our art buys dinner most nights.

But it makes me wonder about people who have nothing, people who depend on the state to feed them, people who depend on that one day a month they can visit their food shelf and the food shelf is so happy to give them food, yet truthfully what food shelves give out is not all that great.  Not that the hungry people are not thankful for it but most people donate that extra can of jellied cranberry sauce or sardines or graham cracker pie crust.  Most people donate what has been on their shelves for years.  Food items they were once fired up to buy and then never had the oomph to make that sardine pie.  (haha)

Yes, we all know, there is a way to crawl out of poverty but not everyone has the ability to.  Many people like to claim “Well if I did it, why can’t they?”  What they don’t do is realize their situation, they never listen to their story.  Everybody comes from a different situation.  NOT every poor person is scamming the system and for every person that does scam the system, just remember there are about a hundred rich people for that one poor person also scamming the system.  Nobody gets mad at them.

Anyway, I am ranting and rambling again.  So let me get to the point.  The other day we saw a man sitting against the post by the side of the road.  He was holding a sign that proclaimed he was hungry.  Everyone whizzed by, I looked at him and wondered what his story was.  I am sure most people thought he was “faking” and “scamming” but he looked tired, disheveled, hungry, hot, poor, and shamed to be holding that sign.  It made me wonder further.  Was he a father?  Was he a vet?  Did he once own the world and lost everything?  Or was he the drunk scamming for a beer or the crackhead looking for a high?  Because that is what people think of the poor.  That they all do drugs and drink.  Even if they do it is no ones business just like it is not our business about the high powered bankers who have wet bars in their offices and the stay at home moms whose best friend is a little pill and a bottle of vodka.  But when my mom saw him she said:

“I am so thankful I know how to bead and never had to hold a sign like that, I’m hungry too but I barely have enough to feed my family because of bead work.”

SO we bought our little meal at the store and then when we was driving back we saw the cops there.  I don’t know if someone called the cops or what but they were writing a ticket for this guy, probably for panhandling.  He was nodding and talking to he officer.  And then I began to think.  This guy is not going to pay this ticket because he has no money for food.  Obviously.  Then they will issue a warrant for his arrest.  He will eventually be caught and go to jail, where finally, depending on how long they keep him but probably overnight, he will get three square meals.  So for every person that passed him up and looked down their nose at him and thought the worst of him, they all just bought him at least 3 hot meals.  Assuming they pay taxes.  Don’t judge the hungry, you never know when their next meal is on you.

I mean you can bitch about they taxes and the system all you want but clearly no one is trying to fix the system.  It is a crime to say you are hungry and it is a crime to be poor.  There is a report that came out last month about the hungry people of this state.  Now often I find the number underestimated, because no one asked me about my little family or anyone I know.  Once again it is based on assumptions and I think it is way underestimated as to how many people in this state really are hungry.  According to the report from the Rapid City Journal  More than 100K go hungry in South Dakota.  And 60 percent of those are children.  I would like to think it is double that.

Yet money can be wasted on such things as this.  South Dakota’s Corn Palace renovations gets city OK.  According to this article, the city there plans on spending 7.2 million to reconstruct a palace made entirely out of corn?  And that is not the only project in the state,  I am sure,  that a ridiculous amount of money is spent while the people of the state suffer.

Now at what point do you ask yourself what is important in the world?  Obviously, to the people who have money, it is about money.  I honestly don’t feel sorry for ignorance like this.  I despise it.

I wrote this because I believe that people need to be aware that during the summer months our children are hungry, many children are hungry.  There is no school and along with the school year ending, so did the extra ten meals the school cafeterias served a week.  Please if you can donate to your local food shelf, volunteer, and buy something in your store a family would eat or could use.  This includes hygiene and household products.

Don’t be trying to give that old can of beets from the back of your pantry that you thought your grandma would eat when she came to visit.  You can send the beets to me.  Ha ha.  I do love beets, but I am just kidding.


3 thoughts on “Hunger Pains/ Hunger Games

  1. Your story has touched my heart…I will try to help..I am just a mother who has shared my can of corn with a friend who had only rice and that day it felt like thanksgiving..when you are hungry and you get the chance to eat your soul is full…I now try to pay it forward because someone helped me get on my feet…peace and blessings

  2. Ahh, the beauty of capitolism, children can starve to build a corn palace, and they called us savages.

    Maybe a raid could be made on the corn palace, that’ll feed a few kids for a while.

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