There is nothing wrong with wind…

“There is nothing wrong with the wind.” I told a friend. Even when it creeps into the most secure, guarded buildings it will whistle and scream at everyone, chill everyone to the bone. But many times, no matter where I was in life, the wind has been a friend, assuring me of creation and of life out there. Assuring me freedom was around the corner and that it remembered me. It would move my hair in the slightest, as if to say “One day, Dana, your day will be here.” Then, it would make it’s way back out of the crevices and cracks of the sturdiest brick buildings. Crawling at amazing speeds and screaming through the sides of our windows to get away from us, just as quickly as it had come to brush our cheeks as we slept dreaming it were a ghost.

No my friends, there is nothing wrong with the wind. It represents freedom to the fullest. It takes on the world and spins it. It plants seeds when no humans will. The wind can give us energy. It crashes waves onto shores some of us will never see. It explores lands that even a white man has not touched. It has the power to move the most beautiful clouds. The wind was here, the wind will always be here. And the wind will carry my ashes to see the world as I never have seen it in life. The wind is free.

And that is how it should be.

“So many of my sisters…blame themselves for being hungry; they hate themselves for surviving the best way they know how. To see so much fear, doubt, hurt, and self hatred is the most painful part of being in this concentration camp. Anyway, in spite of all, I feel a breeze behind my neck turning to a hurricane, and when I take a deep breath I can smell freedom.” -Assata Shakur


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