The “of Native descent” jive just doesn’t cut it.

If anyone hasn’t read my latest in The Guardian regarding the Washington Redskins name, you can read it on the link here.
Think no one cares about the Redskins’ team name? Visit a reservation

I can write right here about how offensive this is to me, but I already did. I can write about why we should be offended, but it is obvious. I can write about decolonizing and use whatever terms people want to hear. I can quote famous chiefs, I can quote prominent, highly educated Natives who have initials after their name that scream at you how many years they went to college.

But I won’t.

I will just throw it down as simple as I can because it seems simple is what people in this country get. I mean you all voted for George W twice based on lies of WMD’s.

Here it is, this lady named Dana Loesch who I guess is some kind of conservative boo hoo claims she is of Native descent. Here are her tweets since she is a self proclaimed expertise on mascots. Dana Loesch defends Washington Redskins’ name: ‘Mascots are tributes’

Now this Dana chick thinks it is a tribute to be called the name once used for scalping Native Americans. Dana thinks this is a left politically correct move and it needs to quit. Well, lady I have news for you.

Being “of Native descent” does not make you an expert on what goes on in Indian country. Do you speak your language? Do you go home for ceremony? Do you visit the reservation you are from? Are you even from a reservation? Do you bead? Do you know any of your tribal songs? Do you burn sage and pray? Do you know your family tree back to before Christian names were handed out by the government? Do you respect your elders and know their stories? Do you support your Native artists and are you proud of Natives who do us proud like the Schimmel sisters? Do you know how to round dance? Do you wear authentic Native jewelry that you can tell someone who made it and know their story as well? Do you celebrate Columbus day? Do you have an NDN sense of humor? Do you even know what the letters NDN stand for? Do you even know how to make soup? Did you ever braid you daughters hair and smile with pride at what a beautiful representative of your people she is?

Or do you see fans dressing up in turkey feathers and feel pride there? Do you take pride in mascots like Chief Wahoo? Is stereotyping ok? Did you once have a hippy experience and that is where your “Native descent” comes from? Did you wear a pair of Minnetonka moccasins one time and think, now I am an Indian. (Feather not dot.) Did you claim to be native to get an advantage in college? Are you enrolled? Do you know your treaty rights? Or did you watch Dances With Wolves and decide to pull that old my grandmother was a full blood Cherokee out of the closet and suddenly you are more exotic than the only oppression you knew before that was the potato famine?

Being “of Native descent” gives you no right to speak for any of us. I don’t even have a right to speak for us, but I know who I am and where I come from and I can go generations back with my history. I know my children deserve a better world than where Fox News commentators and Tea Party clowns think they are the end all and be all of any subject.

My children deserve the dignity of a people who survived, despite being subjected to acts of genocide, including scalping and being called redskins.

I am also a teeny bit “of French descent” but that clearly makes me no expert on French Fries, they are French, right? Cut the crap.

Just a response from me “I’m not trying to offend anyone except Dana Loesch because she offended me. People use that excuse to defend the mascot issue. I know the history of boarding schools and being adopted out, my brother was lost that way and reclaiming who he is, this blog is directly aimed at Dana Loesch, no one else. Don’t take it personal. Unless you are a member of the Tea party also. Even if Dana Loesch is Native why doesn’t she try to learn who she is and about her culture instead of trying to represent us all. She is only doing it because she is making the mascot issue a left wing politically correct issue. It is only an excuse to attack the left.”


4 thoughts on “The “of Native descent” jive just doesn’t cut it.

  1. I completely get this and echo it…the whole adoption thing is a real sore spot with me, as are those of “native descent” preaching at me.

  2. You don’t have to be enrolled in a tribe to be recognized as a native american. You just have to have proof one of your direct ancestors was on a roll, census, or other official document recognized by the BIA. Many people don’t qualify to be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe because their ancestors removed to Indian Territory died in IT before the Dawes commission began in 1898. Or, many on the Trail of Tears jumped off the trail and assimilated into the populations, or many chose to stay in the area of origin and claim land offered by the government for leaving the tribe. The list of reasons goes on and on and many can claim their native descent and speak fully for the American Indian. Why don’t you ask her which line of descent she comes from? And remember, Andrew Jackson was a Democrat & I as a native American will NEVER vote for a Democrat, ever! They are chock full of racists who just want your vote and continually take and take from your pocket.

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