The hizhaps

I realize there are probably people who are mad at me or don’t like me anymore that still read my blog. I mean I do check up time and again on people who used to call me sister, people that moved one from me, or people who got sucked into tribal politics so far it goes beyond my scope of reality.

But I am moving on, slow as syrup but as assuredly. I can not hang onto old relationships or grudges and believe in the power of sisterhood when all that once was there no longer exists. Or has worn to thin to ever darn or stitch. I am not a good friend, I stay home, I am comfortable at home. I text before I call, unless it is my kids. I give hugs freely if I venture out of my house which I hardly do. I don’t even have a room to call my own, only stuff but that is ok because I have family near. I owe no apologies to anyone, I simply exist for my own little family.

If I see wrongs, I point them out with writing or a harsh pointing of lips. I don’t like things to be wrong in this world but I also do not have the time to make them right. I am living day to day and some days are better than the last. But as long as it is a good day it is a good day.

I am and have been busy with my book. It is now out for review with certain people in the media awaiting reviews before it goes to sale. The cover is being worked on by a good friend. I miss being able to connet to people but not really,I believe my life is that I had dreamed of. A reclusive writer. I started on the second book. I will be on the Jay Winter Nightwolf show next week. My book will be out soon. I hope you can all relate or not even that, just hear me like and share my facebookpage.

I will be blogging more, soon. Also I will be in Louisville for Native American night! Go Lady Cards! Gotta support the Schimmel Show!


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