The Strides of March

For me March started off with me jumping on a plane to fly to Kentucky to watch a basketball game. Something I thought I would never ever do. To watch the Schimmel girls play was overwhelmingly fantastic anyways, even though they lost to the giant GMO experiments in Connecticut, JK. But what made it so fantastic (not sure why I am using this word, but anyways) what made being there so awesome was just being there. Being who we were and being there. All of us rez Indians, city Indians, all ages etc we were there. Thousands of us. More than the 1500 I believe they said because every time I turned around in Kentucky there was a skin. From the mall to the airport to the flight to the restaurants, Natives…..everywhere. I can not explain the overwhelming feeling of pride of being who we are when they made us all stand up and represent. It was historic to see so many of us shiny Indians come together to support two rez girls for being so great.

While I was down there in Louisville my book was in the final proofing stages to be published and it was always on an “anyday” basis. When I came home I patiently waited, tried not to pout or throw tantrums and then it went live on the night of the 8th in Kindle version. It has been awesome since then explain my dream in interviews.

Something many people don’t pick up on with my book because it associates with being from the rez and being Native and all that genre is that my book is “chick-lit” and that was the intention when I wrote it. I, being a girl, lol have never read anything about being from the rez that would associate with me or many of my single friends on the rez, not that I have many friends, but I have encounters with many other single chicks from the rez and I know this lifestyle very well. Except everything written is usually from a man’s point of view or not really written the way I want to read about life on the rez. I remember one time a couple of friends and I bought some VHS seasons packages at Family Dollar of Sex & the City for a dollar a season because really who had a VHS in 2007? Well, this rez chick did. As we sat around over a bottle of chardonnay, which was their first time drinking wine which was funny to watch people doing shots of wine and not having any idea that wine is like a sneak up dance and hits you all at once. Anyways, I got off track, we would watch the seasons and make our own rez versions up and then we talked of how a book needed to be written about a modern day rez chick. So that is how my chick lit came to be.

Its amazing to see it, hold it in my hands and sign it. I remember the day I went to see a psychic chick in 2005 and she said I was doing something to get my voice out there, which I was. I had started blogging. She said my voice would get louder and louder and I was publish a book. Of course I would, I thought that has always been my dream. She said I wouldn’t do it until I was in my 40s because I had to deal with my demons and doubts and go through something. Now it all plays out but I wished I could tell her she was a got damn good psychic.

Anyways, this is just a blog just to say thanks if you read the book. If you gave it a review. And if you spread the word. I’ll try to blog more, somehow.



6 thoughts on “The Strides of March

  1. You know what? You’re going to blow the ever-loving top off the traditional BS fare meant to entertain the romanticized notions of what your life is like if you keep writing. Power is power, but truth is a higher power if it fights back and refuses to be silent. You have a beautiful and bountiful career if you keep moving forward and keep typing and keep pushing. The tide comes and goes–the wave takes consistent, undeniable power. Only forward.

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