Who are we

Who are we

who do we think we are

we actually have the audacity

to think our families mean more

Just because we extend

our family tree

farther than a Wisconsin forest

we feel we matter more

Our roots run deep into soil

dinosaurs walked upon

our stories go back farther

than any white man cared to hear

So is this why we dare

act so majestic as Lakota people

because we call everyone cousin

brother and we have five mothers?

we feel so close because this country pushed us all so far away
From each other
Tore our family structures apart
When they realized
We don’t die
We multiply

Because when they stripped everything we have and shortened our life spans

All we have left is each other

And funerals

names painted on car windows with shoe polish screaming Rest in Peace

cakes at wakes with faces who left too soon

Trying to immortalize youthful images in sugary frosting

cousins crying over a casket under a basketball goal

And the lonesome cry of a grandma who raised them all

and memorial independent basketball tournaments promises of never forgetting

at one time our tiyospayes, extended families were for the purpose of living.

Now we hold tight, extensively because we die…too many
too soon.

Or they take us away.


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