How Can You Not Be Romantic About Baseball?

It’s a metaphor, supposedly. Right? Or is the reader just thinking, oh no another blog about baseball. This chick! She even had the nerve to put baseball in her first novel, who cares?

Haha, well I do.

And who says it is a metaphor, if you love baseball, really love baseball it is a lifelong affair. I saw my grandma love baseball all her life and so much she passed the love down. Until I went to my first major league game a few weeks ago, I thought I was a baseball fan. I thought I knew everything, well almost everything there is to know about baseball.

then I realized there is a whote other dimension to the way I have been watching baseball. And I can’t wait to learn more. From the swish of the pitch to the crack of the bat. From the faces of the players to the signals from the catchers.

I will never forget this and the person who taught me, another way to watch baseball.

How can you not be romantic about baseball?


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