I don’t care

To all the those one Indians who don’t care and think we need to calm down.  To all those Indians that don’t realize part of who we are is caring about the future.  We will always have that fight in us.  Don’t you care?

I don’t care if you don’t care about the KXL pipeline, I won’t bother telling you how much I do.  If you think it will bring so many jobs here, then I hope you get one and I won’t care when they lay you off after they use you up.  I will remember you when the pipeline poisons the only water that we have had since the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  I will remember you when the wells run dry and chaos breaks loose.  I will remember you when everyone is fighting over water and I will remember how you had money while people were sleeping in cars protesting the pipeline and going to prison for it.  I will remember you wanted that job when there are no jobs.  I will remember you when wildlife starts to die from people messing with and disrespecting Earth.  I will remember…you didn’t care when you are thirsty.

I don’t care if you are Indian and you don’t care if you are called redskin or you don’t see anything wrong with it. I won’t try to explain to you, if you won’t listen. I do care, however, that my future grandchildren will never know this word.  I will remember you when you act shocked at the rudeness of a people who came to the land we belong to and dishonored us from the beginning by putting our people through hundred of years of genocide.  I will remember that you don’t care when you learn what they did to your grandmother and grandfather in boarding school..  I will remember you when you finally see the shame our people were put through and I will remember that you do not care if they call you a redskin, because most likely one of your ancestors was scalped for a reward.  And you not caring is like Dan Snyder carrying your scalp in his greedy grubby paw like a reward.  Yes, Dan Snyder has your scalp, because you don’t care.

I don’t care that you get ashamed of angry Indians.  It is not my fault you can not see blatant truths and harsh realities when it comes to our sacred women, instead you only see Indians protesting and you are more shamed by angry Indians than by our women being disrespected.  I will remember you when you ignore the statistics of our women being murdered and raped at an alarmingly higher rate than any other culture in America.  I will remember you see nothing wrong with the hyper sexualization of Native women in the land they originate from.  I will remember that you saw nothing wrong with the Pocahontas hottie costume celebrities and models seem to like.  I will remember you didn’t think it was a big deal and we are just a bunch of angry natives who like to fight all the time.  I will remember you because you have a grandmother and mother and more than likely will have daughters.  I will remember that you forgot who builds our nations and who are the hearts of our nations.

I don’t care if you don’t care about our Earth and you don’t care if it gets trashed by trash, by fracking, mining, greed, pure greed.  We need to change, we need to live in this world today you say.  We need to quit hanging onto the past.  The past you are ashamed of is not the shameful past the history books omitted, the shame you feel is for the fight we still have in us.  You are one of those one Indians, colonized.  You are one of those Indians who think colonized means you have an iPhone.

I don’t care because there will be a day, you have to start caring.  There will be a day no one will stand up and fight for you.  I don’t care for your harsh words about angry Indians now, but when you see you have no where else to turn but back to who you are, I will be there because I will care for the future of our people.  And your people will be there waiting for you to come back to who you are.

If I am not there, one of my children will be.  If they are not there, one of my grandchildren will be.

They will know our fights, our rights, our history.  They will care, because all of that time, that is why I care.


3 thoughts on “I don’t care

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