This is my new blog, but its all the same.  Just the thoughts of a displaced rez chick.


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  1. Just wanted to drop by and wish you the many good things you deserve in 2012! I am so glad to see you back to blogging, I knew in time you would return. Writing is in your soul. I am proud of how much stronger life experience has made you. You will be a wize old granny someday! 🙂 I also want to thank you once again, and always, for being my introduction to blogging and all that it has meant in my life. I believe that things happen as they should, and our paths were meant to cross for that reason. You are always in my prayers, I know that you are going to be just fine. Keep being true to yourself, you are beautiful Lakota woman!

  2. I’ve fallen in love with the Native American culture recently. I’m pretty sure I don’t have a drop of their blood in me, but they are such an inspiring people, and I’m glad that there are people, including you, who are doing their best to retain that culture.

    In addition I’m also scouting any information I can on Lakota culture for a novel I’m writing. It’s hard to find accurate information, but I love it! Thanks for being who you are 🙂

      • I focus on fiction, so it’s a story about a Lakota man (about 17) who gets transported through a worm hole into a world that would be similar to a futuristic America (altho it’s not earth. But there are no aliens either, lol). I’ve been doing a lot of research for it, and I absolutely love it. I’m even teaching myself a little lakota so I can write some scenes in the book. However, I also hope it will promote Native American culture, and since no one would pay attention to a historical document on the culture, an accurately portrayed fiction character may be a reasonable replacement. The book will focus on the damaging effects of industry, and the importance of spirituality, environment, and simplicity. Pretty much everything that they valued/value (since I can’t make an accurate comment on the current times).

        Information on white people? Well, it depends. Being white I find it hard to “see” a culture. I’d be happy to talk about it though. I live in Indiana. There may be cows here but we do have cities, just so you don’t think I’m a country bumpkin. Haha.

      • Ohmygod, you’re my hero. Perfect response. Haha! I had a similar comment left on my blog recently and I lost it. I had to devote an entire post to the subject. Ps. I also love that the response completely flew over her head.

      • To be fair Abbi is a wonderful writer and she took this response from me better than I would have and she is doing wonderful in college. I love her and her writing and am very proud of her.

  3. I want in on your law suit! Face book is de activating accounts and I think it is more than just names. I think it is controlling the freedom of speech and I cannot access websites where I used Facebook as my login and since my email comes up it states I already have a account so I can not respond or get another account.

  4. Hello Rez Chick,

    Bear with me, you’ve inspired me to write.

    I stumbled upon your blog while researching the Arikara. Having first read your piece on the racism spray painted on the dumpster, let me just say how utterly disappointed I am with the heart, mind and possibly the soul of the person who expressed themselves in this way. As an ordinary man, I do what I can to bring awareness of First Nations Peoples (an identifier I first learned from Russell Means) current issues to people, but the information often falls on deaf ears. But no matter, I’ll keep trying.

    Born and raised in the American West (Colorado), my ancestors came here about 1870, I love this land and everything about it. I love the history, specifically the periods between the late 1700’s to about 1845, about an eighty year time span when people, the fur traders of our different cultures by and large got along pretty well with each other. Two hundred years later, a cold stagnated mind on the side of a dumpster. Of course there are much worse things I’ve heard of that have happened to your people in this current era, but what I find remarkable is the number of FNP’s who refuse to adopt that hatred hefted upon them. No doubt hatred is it’s own type of arms race, and often begets itself.

    Everyone on this planet comes from people who lived in harmony with the earth. Yet, out of every corner of this globe, your collective ancestors are the only ones who at some point eons ago developed the concept and practice of Counting Coup. Obviously as you know, to do this, the Warrior must have had an incredible degree of self awareness and then be able to overcome his own fear, anger, hatred, and blood lust to grant life to his enemy during battle. As a child, I was too little to understand this. Later, as an Army Medic for my second time in Iraq (2003-2004) this epiphany hit me square in the head on one occasion while traveling on the back of a cargo truck through Tikrit.

    From the corner of my eye I saw a man on the opposite side of the street glaring at me with sheer malice in his eyes, and a sneer for a smile. He made a sudden movement with his right arm raising it up. My first thought was he was a fighter lifting a gun to shoot me. Instinctively I raised my rifle with my next thought being that I was about to die (again). His hand now leveled at me, I sighted in on him earnestly wanting to avoid hitting the nearby pedestrians. Focusing my vision through my sights, I suddenly saw that his hand was empty, that actually it was formed as gun with his index finger pointing at my face. Holding my fire, I looked up at him and he dropped his thumb indicating he fired the imaginary gun he was holding. Lowering my M-16, I used my left hand to form my own imaginary gun, pointed it directly at him, and dropped my thumb imitating him. I just grinned and nodded my head to him. His expression changed suddenly to astonishment. I just kept smiling. I felt no hatred for him then, and I still don’t. Just acceptance of implied mutual violence resulting with the continuation of both our lives. It was your ancestral Warriors counting coup I thought of for the rest of that patrol.

    I am truly sorry that so many generations of people in the Rez system are met with such difficulties. This time and place all of us live in now is becoming harder for me to understand. The increasing negative societal thoughts, words and occasionally deeds with all its moving parts makes me pessimistic. Yet, I stumbled here to you today and having read much of your work, I sense no hatred in your words, but strong compassion combined with refreshing wisdom and patience. My day is a better day today because I know it’s human beings such as yourself who with your level-headed balance that will make a better future. Maybe not tomorrow, or even in several decades, but through your influence, there will come a time when your descendants will not directly experience the dark storms you and yours have to navigate through now.

    A friend of mine I served in the Army with, Doug (last name withheld since I don’t have his permission) a Lakota, led me to replace “Hoka Hey” (no disrespect meant to Crazy Horse) when getting ready to go into harms way with, “It’s a good day to live”. So yes Rez Chick, no matter what happens,

    Un pa’-tu, wast’e won-ay.

    Your blog is a powerful force, and I admire you for doing what you can to make life better for others.

    Peace and many blessings,

    Mike Krueger,
    Littleton, CO

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